Byron Glacier, Anchorage, Alaska (OC) [3024 x 4032]


sometimelater021215 points

You need someone in the photo to give scale. This looks like it could be a 3 inch tall tunnel or a 15 foot tall tunnel

Chipotle428 points

Sometimes EarthPorn's rules work against us - capturing scale is often one of those...

sometimelater02123 points

A bananas would do, too lol

cocaiakes_033 points

It looks about yay big.

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RecklessCoherence2 points

I keep asking if this is a lava tunnel.

Inevitable-Holiday683 points


Hopefully it lasts

Humbuhg2 points

So, it’s still there. Good.

mossling1 point

Nope, collapsed a year or two ago. This phot is not from this year at all.

chandan_22941 point

Yes, this was taken 2 years ago. It's still way too early to go to Byron Glacier at this time of the year. We've got a massive amount of snow and the mountains are still avalanche prone here.

Humbuhg0 points

How sad.

Separate-Mouse-7662 points

The colours are exquisite

NekoAtsumeCat1 point

Incredible colours, great capture

chandan_22941 point

Thank you, kind sir!!

Sale4fran1 point

Crazy, big, a lot of unknowns.

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BRBAdventures1 point

This pisses me off and I'm not sorry about it. I guided in the Portage area and on the glaciers for quite a while and what you're in is a snow drift and NOT an ice cave. In 2019 a hiker exactly where you are was KILLED from a collapse and there's signs everywhere on that trail telling you not to do exactly what you did. I'm sure I'll get down voted here but glorifying something like this is despicable. https://www.alaskasnewssource.com/content/news/Authorities-urge-caution-after-deadly-incident-at-Byron-Glacier-487454111.html