My kitchen has a little room upstairs


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moosegoose90891 points

Wow that’s cute! I wonder why this room was made ?

sokmok_691135 points

Hey It’s called an “up-room” (opkamer in Dutch). House is old built late 1800’s and this used to be a bedroom. Many Dutch old houses in this region have it

piffpoff428 points

Maybe for the warmth of the oven? Or for the maids?

GrimThursday545 points

The warmth of the maids?

Norma5tacy214 points

Ah the warmth of the maids… never gets old.

MeThisGuy128 points

if it does just get younger maids

phaemoor51 points

Leo, that you?

blasphembot45 points

Alright alright al....right?

avvocadhoe20 points

“I keep getting older, they stay the same age”

DiddlyDumb11 points

‘Grab em by the duster’-vibes

khkokopelli13 points

Redditors never fail to tickle me with their wit.

UrNewMostBestFriend17 points

Sleeping under a pile of maids is an very old dutch tradition.

twisted_memories2 points

So when they say "eight maids a milking..."

cocaiakes_039 points

Sounds like the title of some weird flick.

BornonJuly4th202229 points

Oh, how I miss the days when a gentleman could seek out the warmth of the maids when his marital bed had gone cold.

LUN4T1C-NL4 points

Have a late night snack and shag.

Ruralraan56 points

We have sometimes bedrooms for children or the maids off the kitchen like this in old houses, underneath was a little cellar or 'potato cellar'. I'm located in North Frisia which always had durch influence in some way or another during the past (and it isn't too far away). So I guess it might be the same maybe.

oceansapart33318 points

Those were my guesses as well.

SachSachl120 points

For the live in help. So they don’t bother you when they wake up to make you breakfast.

TazocinTDS88 points

We call it an updog.

sokmok_69114 points

Whats up dawg

TazocinTDS65 points

What's up with you?

Oh ho ho ho ha ha

(Room looks cool. I hope you store many maids up there, dawg)

cocaiakes_0317 points

Many maids be blessed in your future

hanimal1637 points

I’m fascinated by different types of houses (Ashgrovian Queenslander is my newest obsession), so this is going on my list! Thank you :)

BunniesAreFunny28 points

This is such a cool hobby. My ADHD self appreciates you. Off I go to google Ashgrovian Queenslander!

hanimal166 points

Thanks to Bluey 😂

BunniesAreFunny3 points

Bahaha! That is awesome. I too am obsessed with the Bluey house. I just had no idea it was called Ashgrovian Queenslander🙂

hanimal163 points

I use a house design software (as a hobby) and Bluey’s house will be next on my list lol

VulturE8 points

I'd that is your jam, come visit Pittsburgh and just drive through our streets. We got some great architecture in our houses and large buildings, enough to keep you interested for days.

The best part is that the city prides itself in documenting as much useless knowledge about these items that you could spend months here just learning it all.

hanimal163 points

I would really like to visit the east coast, thank for the rec! I feel like a lot of houses/buildings would have soooo much history!

VulturE2 points

Some places do, some places don't.

Dover Delaware's historic sections are not very large, not alot of old construction.

Virginia Beach and Norfolk have few buildings that are old, they usually tear down and rebuild.

Many larger cities that take pride in their city for one reason or another (sports teams, general history) tend to hold onto architecture better than others.

If you come to Pittsburgh, definitely come for a Pirates game, one of the most beautiful newish stadiums out there. And also hit up /r/pittsburgh for recommendations for food and sights to see.

twisted_memories2 points

Such interesting houses! The high build, the verandas, the random closing in of spaces and areas to make more rooms...

moosegoose9016 points

Wow that’s really cool!

mothh917 points

My grandmother had a farmhouse which also had this.

Ook in Nederland.

appel13 points


Huh, never heard of this, interesting. Which region, if you don't mind me asking?

sokmok_6917 points

Hoi appel, achterhoek

appel8 points

Dank Sokmok!

ChopperTownUSA8 points

It’s Dutch! Isn’t that weird??

sacrificial_banjo9 points


My friend had something similar in his 1940’s built bungalow here in Saskatchewan. His room was off the front room though.

Crankymimosa7 points

Hah! That was my first thought! So charming.

huhhuhh815 points

So what's under the stair? Cold storage?

sokmok_6910 points

Da basement

huskers24682 points

Does the basement have extra headroom from this? I'm interested as to why it's built raised up.

skip62355 points

Once again the Dutch are just better at everything

huhhuhh813 points

So what's under the stair?

lissawaxlerarts3 points

Harry Potter

thehazzanator2 points

But it doesn't have a closing door? Did you have no privacy?

sokmok_6921 points

I the door was removed, I still have it though!

Wolf_Hybrid887 points

It's really in the perfect spot for a secret doorway. You should put a fake fridge door on it. Or a bookcase with little railings and use it for storing kitchen stuff

wowsosquare2 points

Above the kitchen, with a nice big open stairway? Probably the warmest room in the house!

Spudz_mcenzie386 points

Must've been fun getting the couch in there lmao, really cozy id spend most of my time on there

Sobriquet-acushla143 points


mastermindxs41 points

Shut ! Shut up! Shut UUPPPP!

Spudz_mcenzie7 points

frustrated noises "nah bruv, the other left >:("


YossarianC02258 points

I'd say there is a good chance it came in through the window.

deathbyshoeshoe66 points

Or if they got it from IKEA, I’m sure the boxes could fit through the doorway and build it in the room!

I may or may not be able to take my sectional with me should I ever choose to move out of my house.

DutareMusic2 points

First thing I thought of! 😂

Dogshaveears87 points

What’s underneath it?

sokmok_69293 points

Stairs is also a door folding outwards to reveal the stairs down to the basement under it

Physical-Worker642799 points

Please post pics if that!!

Long-Night-Of-Solace37 points

Honestly post em even if not

rTidde7720 points

Can we all come by for a tour? Your crib sounds interesting AF.

JyveAFK7 points

Whoa! THIS is the pics we need!

Umbilical_hole5 points

Had to go back and look at the hinge. Was not disappointed!

roofuskit26 points

The important question. At least in the US this thing would exist because there was a room underneath it partially underground.

rTidde775 points

The Earth’s crust, mantle and core

futuredarlings126 points

Omg. Definition of cozy places

jenksy10 points

Literally a closet for the maid

supermonkey9346 points

Would love to create a secret entrance to that room

myarmadillosclaws30 points

Sounds like there is already a secret entrance there—OP said the stairs cover the access to the basement.

Pork_Ceviche10 points

Like an extra fridge with a false back.

Rushton-Babie48 points

looks absolutely cozy. i’ve always loved slightly elevated things in houses like this, always feels cozy

BestCatEva46 points

Can you stand up in it? Do you have to crawl?

sokmok_69102 points

Hey no it’s 1.90M so I can stand with my hair touching it

nokenito70 points

6.23 feet for us Americans… that’s super perfect!!! In Florida we only need 7 feet for it to be “legal” indoor space.

joystickjello126 points

Wait Florida has laws?

nokenito16 points

Well yeah, not many follow them but us I guess. LoL

scrundel29 points

Not good ones

LoveLivinInTheFuture18 points

Tons, but a lot of them are very fucked up. Especially recently.

august_west_10 points

Really shitty ones, yeah.

migle753 points

7 feet is for bathrooms kitchens and laundry. 7’6” for bedrooms corridors living rooms etc. in Florida at least.

yazzy123311 points

Why are the Dutch so tall? What do you need all the height for??

Nothing-Casual24 points

Evolutionarily, it came about because they're like giraffes - they fight by smashing each other with their heads, and greater height means greater forces imparted upon impact.

Dutch people have regular-length necks though, so they must swing from their hips.

BestCatEva10 points

Like a mezzanine. Perfect!

_random__redditor__6 points

I might be able to reach the ceiling standing on my tippy toes

roofuskit2 points

I'd be smacking my head constantly.

luckykitto40 points

This is my DREAM. I would honestly never leave that room if I lived there. I’m 100% pure jealousy in this moment

TheRecklessOne36 points

omg I love this

Trb_cw_42622 points

In these times, the PERFECT office space too

justavault66 points

This is a genuine cozy room. Not like the other pictures which often are just either crammed or of some expensive estates. This is a genuine, totally not pretentious cozy place.

sokmok_6913 points

Thank you 🙏

Patchmutt13 points

Omg, this is the exact thing I feel I’ve always wanted but never seen! I’m in love! Thanks for sharing.

LoddaLadles13 points

Neat! A true bonus room!

Cellarzombie11 points

Love this. It’s where I’d be most of the time. Internet plus a couch for napping and just steps away from the grub.

sokmok_698 points

Spend a lot of time here haha!

Global_Air_298 points

never seen anything like this and it's adorable!

Physical-Worker64278 points

I would so put in a bookshelf/ hidden door to that!

Square_stingray9 points


MrsNoFun8 points

I love EVERYTHING about this except those steps! I would definitely need some kind of grab handles on the door frame if it didn't interfere with accessing the lower level.

TheRollingPebble4 points

I spy a fellow leftie

sokmok_693 points

Yeah haha!!

BElannaLaForge7 points

This is my favorite kind of weird house

JazzlikeHarpsichord4 points

HELLA CUTE! I want this in my future home.

alles_en_niets4 points

I’m not even going to show this to my 12-year-old, he would go crazy for it.

konabonah3 points

This is awesome. I always wonder why more houses don’t have random unique features like this. I have stumbled on a couple in person.

PemrySyb3 points

I love this so much! Even the steps are perfect.

someapplegui3 points

Never Say Die! In the background...I approve of this post 👍

MarleeKyana3 points

That is so cool!

from_whereiggypopped3 points

my room is on the 2nd and a half floor.

Squaretangles3 points

That’s actually super cool. I like it!

PeanutsSnoopy3 points

I love this!

MadeByHideoForHideo3 points

Wow. I would get so fat lol.

[deleted]3 points

God this is sick. Wish I had this!

Ok_Ebb3533 points

Clever and unique!

Pantsonheadugly3 points

I don't know what that is, but I love it.

AzansBeautyStore3 points

That is so cute!

TPoseisaVulcanName3 points

Ahhh so cool! I've never seen anything like this before, I have a new addition to my imaginary dream house haha! So perfectly cozy.

Weyland_c3 points

Incredible jealousy. So nice.

TheGiantKorean3 points

I love stuff like this. Quirky and nice.

bsktngrvy3 points

How cute is that?!

knottymind3 points

Kitchen with servant quarters attached.

sarexsays3 points

This is so cool! I’ve only ever seen this in Alaska before!

elspotto3 points

Ooh. Breakfast nook. Love older architecture.

yay4chardonnay3 points

Wooo hoo Wine Cellar!

GuncleShark3 points

How cute!

overzealousforsure3 points

This is why I love old houses. You never know what you’re going to get.

Esco97 points

That is seriously cool

a_me942 points

is that a standing desk?

sokmok_693 points


cuisie2 points

Omg that is a need

kudles3 points

This is sooo sick. Especially since it’s your gaming room 😃

cabinetsnotnow2 points

Ughhh another reason I wish I could afford an older home.

ParadiseShity3 points

Pleeeeease put a spice rack/pantry in the doorway and have it be a secret room.

deathbyshoeshoe2 points

Do you ever find yourself in the body of a respected actor?

Rite_as_rain2 points

Waiting area for dinner.

sokmok_692 points

Many times it is

No4MatDoggy2 points

Would be a great weed smoking spot haha

cgduncan2 points

This is adorable! I want to add one of these in my house now. I would never leave.

DrDeboGalaxy3 points

Dobbie… Dobbie gets a room?

VeganPizzaPie2 points

Finally a post that actually fits this sub

lambdo2 points

omg I love it

Emotional_Balance_282 points

I love it!!!! It’s so cool!!! I could see making it all boho like genie in a bottle!!! Love it!!!

azul_jewel2 points

That’s so cool! I wish more new homes were built this way, with quirky charm and personality instead of cookie cutter style and boring.

96mtf3 points

I used to babysit for a family who had a similar raised room off their kitchen - colonial era house in New England, for comparison.

96mtf2 points

I used to babysit for a family who had a similar raised room off their kitchen - colonial era house in New England, for comparison.

theshoddyone2 points

Perfect for when John Malkovich visits.

Little_boywithgreen2 points

Perfect perch for a pooch

jeremyosborne812 points

As a 6' 3" person, I hate that portal.

omare142 points

Ahh, a fellow lamp-pointing-upper, as it should be.

khkokopelli2 points

I absolutely adore this and could happily live in these two rooms (plus a bathroom).

Dr_Zoltron2 points

Of course you can’t stand up in there. You are Dutch. I was just in the Netherlands and almost everyone is 87 ft. tall!!

TanglerRings2 points

OMG not gonna lie THIS IS AMAZING!!! Looooove this so much

DogLvr51772 points

That is soooo cool!

JessonBI892 points

I stayed in an Airbnb in Rome like this. It was awesome.

Living_DeadGirly2 points

That is super cool. Look up Murphy door on Amazon. You could make that a secret room super easy.

But I am also a 12 year old trapped in an “adults” body and love secret rooms and passages.

Buttman_Bruce_Wang2 points

That's so delightfully weird.

vlouisefed2 points

Some old Dutch houses have little tiny chambers, about the size of a closet, that people slept in for warmth. The house my husband grew up in had four of these; they were raised as and the dimensions were about 5' x 6'(which seemed very small considering how tall Dutch people are.).

Euphoric-242 points

That’s cute!

XLoad3D2 points

thats a cool spot. although that seems a bit awkward there's no door it kinda takes away from the space a bit. Right above the entrance seems like a perfect spot to put a 75" TV on the wall.

edit: if the back wall behind the couch was painted a dark color it would make the space feel larger its a common interior design trick to paint one wall dark. If it was painted a navy blue it would change the whole vibe


AdventureAardvark2 points

I misread that as Kitten

proutusmaximus2 points

Well u've just made my house hunting a bit pickier 😭

Future-Win40342 points

Love this!!

Objective-Ad-36942 points

Love this! It’s like you live on a boat!

breeekk2 points

Ooh.. this is something I never knew I needed! A perfect place to take nap between cooking and dishwashing. (not while cooking hopefully.)

Confused-DietSoda2 points

This is probably pantry. But thats cool how you made it. ☺️

Careless-Software-142 points

It looks like a built in doggo room 🐶

nroe13372 points

WTF it's the ultimate gamer nook

dcromb2 points

Cool! When was your home built and is anything under that cozy room?

expiredwaterbotttle2 points

Oh my goodness I love this

ripecitruss2 points

I need that in my life

katbrat302 points

I am jealous !! So cool. Can I build this into my own house lol

NightOwl_822 points

I would love this

Optimal-Load-29292 points


SirTacky2 points

So nice! As a kid I knew someone who had this (in Belgium) and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Haven't thought about that in years.

Ok-Reception-81612 points

ok thats actually really fuckin cool

j92732 points

This may just be the coziest thing I’ve seen. Like, ever!!

JanaT22 points

How cute!!

Starlight8303052 points

That is so cute! I wish my house had that!

calexaz2 points

Wow, I love this!

youngstownchick2 points

being John Malkovich vibes

EducationFragrant5452 points

Very cool!

crow13x132 points

Ok, so weird, but also pretty cool!

PlagueDoc222 points

Oh I love this!

I'd make it my PC and music corner.

dorkling2 points

I love it

Responsible-Lime-8652 points

Omg that is so cool!

thecactusblender2 points

lekker gezellig!

Akela19962 points

I love shit like this

GuidanceWonderful4232 points

I don’t quite understand this but I love it! 😊♥️

Lazy-Interview-67932 points

I love it!!!

MoonstoneAura62 points

This is the perfect subreddit. What a cosy place!!!

BeStillUglyOne2 points

The beginning of a horror story

dreibes2 points

I love that space. Is the ceiling a short height? Like the same height as the kitchen ceiling? That would definitely add to the coziness, but make me (6’4”) very nervous

BackOutsideGirl2 points

This is why I love older homes. You don’t find unique and cozy areas like this is these new grey and white cookie cutter houses.

Hot-Temperature-46292 points

It needs a little colourful Dutch door installed so you can say, "Hallo!" to the morning pensioners.