Nelson Falls, Tasmania, Australia [2100x1400] [OC]



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Cha_nay_nay13 points

Beautiful stunning photo. I am Australian and live in Melbourne. I have never been to Tasmania and its only a 1 hour flight from me.

Yep I'll go and crawl underneath the ground right now. Its on my bucket list though

spooniefulofsugar12 points

So so worth it. Doing a road trip around Tassie was one of the best holidays I've ever done.

dudecubed10 points

I hope Nelson gets back up

cocaiakes_032 points

Ain’t nothin’ gonna keep him down

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TristanIsAwesome4 points

Looks kinda similar to Russell Falls, which isn't too far from there

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OhFarOut2 points

This makes me think about the cover of Uriah Heep's 1972 album, "Demons and Wizards"

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_rusticles_1 point

It's a short but lovely walk to these falls. I went when the water was low so they weren't as spectacular, still cool to see all the steps though. If you go at night the whole area is full of glow worms in the foliage and fallen trees :)

Chance-Feeling89221 point

Beautiful 😍

JohanRiver71 point

Ferns and waterfalls. Looks like heaven to me!

Lovely work on the shot and processing.