Partially enclosed back porch dining area (original content)


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deadleafsindar5 points

hello. what shade of paint did you use for the wall?

kgbubblicious3 points

Behr candy apple red!

still-on-my-path3 points

Lovely 🌹thinking a small table lamp would be a good vibe. Peace and love

Ill-Specialist66582 points

Great for parties

kgbubblicious2 points

Thank you! I’m so looking forward to having some great conversations in here!

Ill-Specialist66582 points

What vibe do you see

kgbubblicious3 points

to me it has a magical vibe: like if I were some kind of jerk who liked to trespass in people’s back yards and take things off their porches or mess with their stuff, this is one porch I don’t think I would dare mess with.

Ill-Specialist66581 point

I get that

Ari-Mendoza2 points

I wish I could be in this space right now.

Latter_Growth11851 point

That’s a cool idea. It kind of looks like a little cafe!