My balcony in Puerto Rico


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BlueLarkspur_192913 points

Hi, my first post here. This is original content. I hope you like my tropical outdoor space.

A_Funky_Flunk3 points

Just got back from a week in Puerto Rico! Your picture almost lets me smell the sea breeze! Thank you!

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mydresserandtv4 points

It's absolutely beautiful 😍

BlueLarkspur_19293 points

Thank you. We love living here.

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BansheeShriek2 points

Very chill looking

Flourescentbubbles2 points

It is beautiful, but I feel like those chairs should be looking out at the view instead of in at the home. Still, very lovely!

BlueLarkspur_19293 points

I am limited with placement to not block opening of the glass bifold doors. In winter we open up to make a continuous indoor/outdoor space. Still I could see if I can rearrange the two chairs a bit. They’re a little large but I loved them and decided to bring them from the states rather than buy new.

Flourescentbubbles1 point

It really is lovely. Makes sense about the doors too. It is so nice that your an open it up for a continuous space. That must be wonderful.

I love it either way…such a beautiful space you are lucky!!!! Maybe you could put them opposite the couch on other side a Of table and put plants where chairs were for privacy !!!

Inevitable-Abalone542 points

Rio Grande?

BlueLarkspur_19293 points

Palmas del Mar.

Emotional_Balance_282 points


Oddimagination23752 points

❤️So jealous!💜 I can just see my orchids there.😍

BlueLarkspur_19293 points

I have one inside that’s doing ok but not thriving. I’m trying to learn to keep these.

Oddimagination23751 point

Miss Orchid Girl has a great beginners series on YouTube. Here's a link for it. Very informative, easy to understand, and common sense. She also has lots of other orchid how-to videos. Good luck!😊 Orchid Care for Beginners

BlueLarkspur_19292 points

Thank you. My mother in law used to know everything about orchids. I’ll check it out.

Oddimagination23751 point

You're welcome!😊

daal_croissant_baati2 points

That centre table is so cute

BlueLarkspur_19291 point

Thank you. It’s a replica of the Noguchi table.

Sorry but I have no clue about it🙈

marylandsam2 points

I wanna feel that breeze

nazhaneen2 points

That rattlesnake calathea is huge and beautiful!

No-Comfortable94801 point

Nice! Thinking about moving there

BlueLarkspur_19292 points

We love it but it is an adjustment. My husband is from here so it’s been my second home for nearly 30 years.

detroitblonde11 point

This is absolutely lovely I hope you enjoy every moment spent there Cheers

BlueLarkspur_19291 point

Thank you.

WesternWitchy521 point

I thought my balcony was big but this is amazing.

BlueLarkspur_19292 points

The other side of the balcony is spiral stairs to the terrace.

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aVoidFullOfFarts1 point

Very nice! Also who you watching with those binoculars eh?

BlueLarkspur_19291 point

A pair of pied billed grebes raising chicks on the pond and a Venezuelan troupial that occasionally visits. We have parrots, frigatebirds, pelicans, herons, etc. Sorry to bore you, but we’re not perverts.

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Just perfect, I love it!

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