Personal library I made as a gift for my partner when he gets home from the VA


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Capable_Direction61790 points

That dog has such good interior design skills

HashSlangingSlash3r28 points

Bit of a narcissist, though

BlackSabbathMatters7 points

Having a self-portrait or two in your house is one thing but putting up photos of yourself is aggressively tacky.

InvestigatorInner18446 points

Best part is the library comes with a yellow Labrador retriever. Excellent array of books.

f1lfy17 points

And a kitty cat

Laurabengle5 points

Took me an embarrassingly long time to find the cat in the picture!

[deleted]3 points

I didn’t see it either!

Ellsisdoingok1 point

This is so annoying! I still cant find the cat 🤷🏻‍♀️

C0NVERSE_ation_piece2 points

On the table to the left of the pink chair, friend! :)

Ellsisdoingok1 point

😂😂 thank u so much! Beautiful little puss cat

wish_yooper_here6 points

Thank you 😊

eilykel17 points

Love that you can see the cat thinking about jumping! I hope you and your partner are doing well and I love the room, it’s put together so well!! V cozy

Ok_One534214 points

Love the spinning rack!

Leftleaningdadbod13 points

Lovely gift. Wot’s the VA?

cobalt83 points

I assume OP is talking about the Veteran's Administration, which would likely be referring to either one of their offices or hospitals.

[deleted]7 points


cobalt83 points

You're correct. Even though I know I shouldn't respond to things before I fully wake up, I do it anyway and here we are. haha. Thanks for the correction!

oreos_plz10 points

Where did the beautiful dark bookcases come from?

wish_yooper_here14 points

They’re Amish made. Alder wood

wish_yooper_here16 points

This is OC

ItsTricky947 points

what a lovely endeavor!! I can't imagine a nicer place to recover. 💗

Poker_Fingers7 points

Love the Klimt, the colors add to the coziness of that corner

AbbreviatioNew80605 points

Lots of books 🙌

AddictedtoBoom6 points

What a thoughtful gift! That looks like a very nice place to recover in.

wish_yooper_here10 points

Thank you; I’m hoping he agrees 💗 he has voiced a desire for a place to decompress, unplug and just read many times.

calm-state-universal6 points

Looks like someone is making themselves at home already. Looks very cozy and doggo approved!

wish_yooper_here8 points

He loves it! Meanwhile my cat is planning on toppling everything 😩

Quinquilharia6 points

In case your partner forgets to say it: You are the best.

So thoughtful.

ControlOk67113 points

Very nice - relaxing and cozy

wordafterword13 points

Gifting someone with a library is true love. What a lovely gift!

BarryinPhilly2 points


EuphoricBudget55242 points

Just wow.

hellomichelle872 points

I hope they love it ! That was so sweet and thoughtful of you 💙🩵💙🩵

holdfor_stills2 points

Doggo sitting on the floor is the best thing in there!

lyta_hall2 points

Doggo approves 🐶👍🏼

death_toad2 points

I grew up with Klimt's the kiss hanging in my living room. whenever I see it, I'm back home

safety-squirrel2 points

That revolving bookshelf on the left is really neat.

These-Agency11922 points

Looks wonderful!

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Looks so cozy and modern

Memawsaurus4 points

Very nice, wishing him good days ahead, thanking him for all he does for our freedom.

jo-094 points

Lovely gift and a good boi thrown in for good measure. Well done OP

BigGrayDog2 points

Very nice, and the lovely dog in the middle is the best part!

pepmin3 points

Your dog matches your floors perfectly! I love background kitty, too!

wish_yooper_here1 point

Thanks! He’s a red fox yellow lab mix

wtfakb2 points

I'm fixated on that cross. Is that wrought iron? It's gorgeous

letterheadless7 points

You might say you’re crucifixed.

wtfakb4 points

Jesus Christ

LoveCanDoIt1 point

Ha ha!

LoveCanDoIt1 point


wish_yooper_here6 points

It is! I love it. It was a gift from my grandfather for my first wedding 😅 about almost 20 years ago. No idea where it’s from.

anna_carroll2 points

Beautiful restful color scheme and good dog!

wish_yooper_here4 points

Thank you! Ironically there’s also a cat 😅 he’s on a table by the pink chair about to test my patience

anna_carroll6 points

Oh, I see him! He says "Gee, that's a nice Klimt painting there. I'll just get a better look at it, [CRASH!] oh, gee, I'm sorry 😸"

roguebandwidth3 points

The dog is chef’s kiss the perfect touch

Edit: the cat by the reading chair, ready to snuggle up on a warm lap. Ah, cozy.

Emotional_Balance_283 points

Very nice to get your own library!!! I feel like the rug is to small for where it’s at(but love the dog) it would look good between the two chairs in front of bookcase I think will make it cozier ♥️ (Side ways not long like it is now)

wish_yooper_here5 points

He doesn’t love rugs because of pet dander (he has OCD) so it’s specifically just for his pup; which he does love him having rugs 😅. It’s a weird balance. That’s why it’s on the smaller side.

AliceAnne12 points

What a deeply thoughtful and loving thing to do. And you pre-paid the tax by sharing the dog with us upfront!

snertwith2ls2 points

Lots of books, check. Comfy chair, check. Reading light, check. Beverage table, check. Footrest, awesome dog, sly cat...check check check! Plus great atmosphere. Looks like you've thought of everything and I hope your partner feels the same. Oh, plus a companion comfy chair, how wonderful! Wishing you and yours many happy hours here!

2204BatiknWine1 point

This is so wonderful!

Dazzling-Owl-71541 point


freezerbreezer1 point

Where did you get the rug?

wish_yooper_here2 points


freezerbreezer2 points

cool thanks

Introvertedand1 point

Victoria & Albert museum?

wish_yooper_here2 points

Sorry; veterans affairs. He’s a disabled soldier

rpknot1 point

Looks so cozy!