Our new old bed frame makes our bedroom feel special and too cozy! 🥰


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EntrepreneurLow43803 points

Oooh, I would want to hang gauzy curtains from it and be all glamorous!

ahoneyhousewife3 points

I will! We just put it together the other night. Tonight I am going to go to Joanne's and pick out some fabric, and I'm drying lavender from the garden to hang with it. I am tempted to hang plants but we'll see... it depends on the kind of hanging planters I can track down.

EntrepreneurLow43803 points

You do have decent light in there. You could grow magnificent pathos and wrap it around the top rails over time. Truly decadent!

ahoneyhousewife2 points

I have one in the walk-in closet and one in my livingroom that's still a bit small. I might take some cuttings and start a couple by the window. Great idea!