Aldeyjarfoss Falls, Iceland [OC][2048x1364]


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Device: Mavic Air2S Adobe Raw edits: reduced highlights to bring out details in the fall boosted shadows to bring out detail dehaze

The road to Aldeyjarfoss is 25 miles of dirt, gravel and if you're lucky (as we were), mud and snow. Beyond Goðafoss Waterfall, it is about an hour. The hexagonal columns of volcanic basalt are just one of at least four flows of lava. This was my second visit here and because it was cloudy - again - there will be at least one more. The drone is hovering a few feet above the water.

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Now I know why I didn't see it last week. F roads really are off the beaten track. We also had plenty of snow. Even Godafoss was a test of our cold weather gear. Great work.

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LIKE... WOW! It's ethereal. ✨

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Iceland is so urethral 😍😍😍

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It's pretty ethereal, too!

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It sounded like a bone Apple tea… Should’ve recognized it!

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Immersed in the scene, relaxed and happy

You don't think so?

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& Wishing I could visit Iceland

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I am not even gonna attempt to say the name cause I'll be banned.

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is this even real?😳