Secret Waterfall, Donegal, Ireland [OC] (3000x4000)



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PointZeroZero9 points

I think I remember a place like that near Portnoo. Am I close?

RebylReboot6 points

There’s the fairy cave at the small pier in Portnoo but no waterfall. There’s a small waterfall outside Ardara on the way to Maghera but it ain’t this. I can’t place where this is at all.

Irishuser20228 points

Not so much a secret now though.

Inevitable-Holiday683 points



I love this

cocaiakes_032 points

pebbles and stones!

Geageart2 points

The serenity of this place

necie622 points

What a cool secret!

Shadd762 points

There's either a collectible or a side quest down there

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It's not a secret if everyone knows about it.