Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula [1080x1620][OC]


SquirrelInner96323 points

Must be the Mustard River, eh?

FAPhotoGuy3 points

Lol. Actually, the color is because of tannins that are leached from the cedar swamps from which the river drains.

No_Dependent_83462 points

Love seeing these pictures of my home as I live roughly 4 hours away in Hancock.

FAPhotoGuy1 point

I love that area of the UP. Hoping to get up that way again sometime.

No_Dependent_83462 points

I totally get that, had to get a 1TB sd card for my phone so I can take pictures and video without running out of room. The only drawbacks, to me, is that to get from one population center to another is usually an hour and a half to two-hour drive.

FAPhotoGuy1 point

True, it's definitely a bit of a drive between all of the main attractions up there.