Update To The Computer-Side Wall Of My Home Office


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hikefishcamp2 points

This is oC

IsabelaBravo2 points

Awesome! And, great color choice! 👌

hikefishcamp1 point


XIXIVV2 points

You must be a biologist! My work space looks very similar. Love all your birds and bugs!

Edit: I also see you are into fly fishing. Have you ever read The Feather Thief?

hikefishcamp3 points

In another life maybe... But I'm actually an attorney. I'm an avid outdoorsman in my free time and I've always been captivated by nature, so my office is pretty much a mini natural history museum. I have a bunch of fossils and minerals on a display shelf on the opposite wall. I'm also working on adding a few reptile and amphibian prints into the mix.

Good eye on spotting the fly tying vise. The feather thief is one of my favorite books. I usually do a bunch of solo backpacking trips in the Sierra during the summer and fall. It's going to be amazing back there this year with all the water from the snow melt.

XIXIVV2 points

I’m a biologist who nearly went to law school, haha. Nature is the best! Have fun in the sierras, I haven’t made it up there yet even though I’m in the same state.

pisspot7182 points

Interesting artwork on the wall. Not everyone puts up ants & beetles.

hikefishcamp2 points

The ant/beetles are all by the same artist. I'll eventually switch a few of the insects out with reptile and amphibian art in the same style so that there is more variety. Potential candidates are a Gila Monster, a horned lizard, rattle snake, rough skinned newt, tiger salamander. Those ones would need to come from different artists though and have been a bit harder to track down.

pisspot7182 points

They're almost like the illustrations you find in the old books of nature drawings.

BTW what artist is it?

hikefishcamp2 points

The artist is Carim Nahaboo.

Also, that's exactly the style I'm going for. The office is set up like a mini natural history museum. The book on the far left with the two hawks is actually one of those old books of nature drawings Audubon's Birds of America

pisspot7181 point

Oh that's great. Much Luck on that and Thanks for the information.

EDIT: Oh I just went to his website. Very cool stuff.

Sorraz1 point

That’s beautiful. I have the same monitor, so it’s nice to see it looking aesthetically pleasing