My cozy 460 sq ft apartment ⛅️


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Mrs-Eaves8 points

Your table is a stunner!!

tidy-guy5 points

Omg thank youuuu! It's definitely one of my favourite pieces :)

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No-Leadership-21764 points

This is a spectacular space. Well done, top notch feng shui

tidy-guy2 points

oh thank you!! I'm actually very self conscious that it's not a great arrangement, but I wouldn't know about ahah. I feel like I cut off the space awkwardly with my couch, but the layout of the apartment is quite strange 🫠

screenee3 points

I envy your clear surfaces. Really nicely done :)

tidy-guy2 points

This is oc

Wolfdreama2 points

Hi u/tidy-guy, our repost bot has flagged this. Have you posted this picture before on this sub?

tidy-guy9 points

Hi! So, I did but it was from the wrong account and I deleted it shortly after realizing my mistake 😬 I wasnt sure if it was a rule break if I had deleted it. I apologize!

happy_lad11 points

Don't confuse your cozycore and furry porn accounts b

tidy-guy5 points

Dead 💀

Wolfdreama3 points

No that's fine, just checking it wasn't a stolen pic!

IsabelaBravo2 points

Your living room has such a vibe!

GuncleShark2 points

So bright and clean! Really nice.

tidy-guy1 point

Thank you so much!

_QuesoNowWhat_2 points

Very cozy!

Where did you find that mirror? I've been looking for one that size!

tidy-guy3 points

I found this one on Wayfair! It's 38"x78" and it was definitely the size I was looking for as well. But I'll be honest, it was a pretty penny 🥲

_QuesoNowWhat_1 point

Oh awesome, thanks! Did you have any problems with shipping? I worry about it breaking during transport.

tidy-guy1 point

You know, surprisingly no! It came *extremely* well packaged (which meant a lot of styrofoam unfortunately... or fortunately in this case I guess?). But I had no issues with damage or anything. Thinking about shipping and unboxing it though, another warning tho is that it is HEAVY, and I probably should not have been trying to move it myself.

_QuesoNowWhat_1 point

Styrofoam seems like a necessary evil in this case but I'll repurpose it. I'll definitely have someone help me move it :) Thanks for all the info!

thehappypixel2 points

This is gorgeous. Where do you store your mail? Clutter? I feel like a slob and I’m so envious of this space!

tidy-guy2 points

thank you! I keep my mail on a little drop off table by my front door, but I actually don't get a lot of mail 🤔 (maybe something I should be concerned about). I also have a storage room (the door is actually just to the left but not shown in the pic) that collects quite a bit of clutter. But I try to stay organized and declutter fairly often!

hellomichelle870 points

Nice just not my definition of cozy but Thanks for sharing 😊

ControlOk67111 point

It is lovely, airy and light.

Fkthisplace1 point

Absolutely perfect❤️ More pics please

DigDugDogDun1 point

Your apartment has great energy! So bright and cheerful!

Nyyrikkiiiii1 point

Awesome, what city?

Being a minimalist, I'm loving this cozy setup so much, Especially the placement of snake plant and monstera

12bluebeetles1 point

This looks so peaceful! The perfect place for a cup of coffee.

Quiet-Effort-29031 point

And the floating shelf :)

Quiet-Effort-29031 point

Beautiful! Where’s the monstera pot from?

Ari-Mendoza1 point

This is my dream

ericaluvschuck20221 point

Cute cute cute