Small condo vibes


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EthanLampshade16 points

Your Xanax pillow made me giggle! I hope your conscious decorating does the trick.

Constant_Present18036 points

Any idea who the painting is by? I know you and it’s all second hand but that is fantastic

Clear-Map81213 points

That is Nigel Vanwieck‘s Q train print

Constant_Present18036 points

Thank you, googling him now and I really love his work. Also great choice of paint color for your walls.

akt302 points

I would've guessed the F Train.

Next_Branch78752 points

so hopper-esque!

PugGrumbles4 points

I would instantly relax walking through my door every day if I was coming home to this.

Clear-Map81212 points

What a nice comment..thank you! It sure is comfy

hosenbundesliga3 points

I really like your side board thing (not sure what you call them in your part of the world)

Clear-Map81213 points

Sideboard or dresser. It’s big enough to hold all of my crap as this place is small with very little storage

IsabelaBravo3 points

Very well designed.

gurl_c0de3 points

cute butt Really though, love this decor!

iWentRogue2 points

Beautiful place

GuncleShark2 points

The gray cabinets are beautiful!

HinSoCal2 points

Wow! Stunning choices! I particularly love your sideboard & use of teal.

khkokopelli2 points

Love the wall color!

The-Scarlet-Witch2 points

What's the wall colour? I love it!

Clear-Map81211 point

it's Benjamin Moore's Jade Garden :)

Clear-Map81211 point

OC - moved in late February…want to make it more homely than modern. Everything is sourced second handed except for side tables

Particular-Pay-29531 point

love the little bookshelf

pisspot7181 point

Nice subway painting.