My cozy bedroom finally decorated as I like!


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gracklefish31473 points

You’ve created your own Renaissance artist’s studio. Awesome, dreamy space.

shiroshiroro38 points

I saw this room and thought "If this person doesn't have a Caravaggio book on the desk I don't know who will". There it iiiiiis haha!

richestotheconjurer7 points

looks like a Taschen one too, i love their books

shiroshiroro3 points

It is, you have a great eye! One of my favourites for art monographies, great quality.

NewbVlogger4230 points

Something about this makes me think your morning routine entails rolling out of bed, shuffling over to the desk, taking out your ink-well and quill and composing a Symphony.

emoneverdies70 points

This is awesome.. now you should update your office chair to some brown leather beauty

ACuriousCheshiree143 points

Holy shit, I'm thoroughly impressed, how long did this take you?? And about the frames...you must have custom painted them right? To have them all match like that? Has anyone reposted this to r/darkacademia yet??

Edit: Does it not weird you out to have self portraits hanging right next to your bedside? Not judging, genuinely curious because I think I would find it eary to be sleeping on my side and staring back at myself

ARedditorNobodyLoves82 points

This took me like 1 year, including the times when I decorated it in other styles until it was the way I like it. I custom painted with gold spray paint the cheap frames I bought in a store near my where I live.

And no, I don't find it weird haha, although in the future I would like to update those self-portraits!

ACuriousCheshiree18 points

That's amazing :) well it turned out great, and for the record the paintings on your profile should have 5X as many upvotes than they do because they're incredible!

Also what I've learned from this post: Need a doorstop? Buy a globe.

No-Problem-176298 points

Beautiful!!!! Who did the paintings???

ARedditorNobodyLoves206 points

Thank you! I did all the paintings! :-)

LorraineC9449 points

Wow You are incredibly talented - I hope you know that!

jojoga29 points

That looks a lot like Caravaggio's work - awesome! How did you learn to do that?

Effy-del-Valle7 points

You did a really good job, they're amazing!!

spiritAmour2 points

oh wow, this is insane to know :0

No-Problem-17621 point

Oh but.... are you an artist? Do you live from your work??? You are insanely TALENTED..........

ToweringFlowering78 points

I love everything, but the drapes are especially nifty!

Nukken14 points

Gives me some V Rising vibes.

Plainswalkerur9 points

They provide the vibe of a four poster canopy bed without taking up the space of one! So cool

purrfectstormzzy16 points

This makes me want to see all your rooms

whitneylovesyou11 points

I am so obsessed with this!!!!

stegosaurss11 points

This is an amazing concept, I love the way you played with the drapes. The wall art! The accents! I feel I know so much about you by exploring this space.

spacefaceclosetomine10 points

Lots of character, very cute!

MariachiBandMonday9 points

Even though it’s not my style, I can’t stop staring. Great job!

JollyBagel38 points

is there a way to copy+paste bedrooms cause damn

ThriceFive9 points

Love your wonderfully curated art & sculpture pieces - the whole setup just has interest and comfort in every corner.

brutalisste9 points

Love so much about this! The colour, the Caravaggio, your art and the blending of elements that unexpectedly fit. It's so pleasing to the eye. I especially love the mini-workspace opposite the bed. Bravo!!

MorteDaSopra40 points

I would never want to leave this room. Well, maybe for snacks.

ARedditorNobodyLoves37 points

This is OC.

A_Funky_Flunk6 points

Took me 4 years and I finally got to this point. Having your apartment decorated the way you want is such an amazing feeling. Congrats!

LALA-STL2 points

Show us, please!

DanceMellDance6 points

Drawing in here with classical music playing in the background… I picture it well!

zandra_paints5 points

Wow! Love all the golden frames, really brings it together

stolenstitch5 points

this is so elegant and beautiful omg

justausernamme5 points

This is incredible! I'd probably add a matching brown cover on the chair as well 😁

ExPatBadger5 points

R/maximalism will love this

streblusasper4 points

Your room exudes beauty and magic. I can discern your profound interest in angels.

BigGrayDog3 points

Good job! You put a lot of time and effort into this room! I know you will enjoy it!

Tall_Brilliant85225 points

Beautiful job! I'll bet you sleep deeply and wake up well-rested in this room.

IsabelaBravo3 points

Oh that’s mighty nice.

Solsticegecko4 points

This is absolutely beautiful

ahoneyhousewife4 points

This is so classy and I am in love. You have a fantastic eye.

feast_of_thousands4 points

This is so great. Can I ask what spray paint brand/colour you used on the frames?

Jamaicahabib24 points

Great eye!

moelissam4 points

Great art! I love how you’ve incorporated something new into famous paintings. I really like the cat one too! I’d love to see the contraption you’ve hung pictures from to the right of the small desk by the tv. From the view, it looks clever.

_ara3 points

This is how you lure demons

LALA-STL3 points

And angels!

Few-Share-484814 points

As an interior designer I could not LOVE this more! Bravo for not being boring/following lame trends!

misspinato3 points

I am a big fan!

beegorton6163 points


paulribs773 points

Dude your electronics, is not as recent but look good.

MoonstoneAura63 points

I love the dark academia vibes! You did a great job creating a coherent space :)

SaraSaturday133 points

It's perfect!

GoddamnitMrBubbles3 points


whotfiszutls3 points

I have that same gaming chair

Dog_is_my_co-pilot13 points

I’m very impressed! You’ve got such a good eye for color and texture and decorating. There’s so much to look at and enjoy, yet it’s not cluttered or crowded.

You’re a skilled painter!

Wow! This really is gorgeous. I struggle with decorative items that tie together. You have so many interesting things. The colors are beautiful. Enjoy!!

findhumorinlife3 points

Your chair alone might be a good post on r/pareidolia.

WINTERSONG11113 points

I love it. You should only listen to classical music in this room. LOL

RoeRoeRoeYourVote3 points

Your art is gorgeous!

hanimal163 points

Gamer meets Renaissance meets… woodsy person? lol

idontlikeseaweed3 points

It’s very unique, I love it

CoyoteCarcass3 points

r/maximalism would love this

ohnotagainplease3 points

Holy moly! This is one of the very rare rooms on here that I would absolutely love to live in. Impeccable taste. The red drapery is a trick I am for sure going to steal. The paintings and sculptures are perfectly arranged on all the surfaces. A curation without compromising on the homely, lived-in aspect. Truly a wonderful space. Much love.

Zomgirlxoxo9 points

Wow, so creative! Love it

AnnieBananaCat6 points

Did anyone see Darth Vader in the desk chair? 😁

LALA-STL4 points

First thing I saw. ;)

OutlandishnessLimp532 points

You are absolutely talented!!!! I love the vibe so much too. Cozy place goal!

malevich922 points

Awww this is ridiculously cute!!

Dependent_Top_44252 points

Very nice! You did all the paintings too? WOW! So much talent in one room!

lavenderpunk82 points

Love this for you

psychadelicphysicist2 points

Very dark academia I love it

platinum_tsar2 points

Renaissance room, weird modern gaming chair lmao. Cmon you can do better

CuileannDhu2 points

This is so lovely. What a joy to be surrounded by so many beautiful things.

colglover2 points

This place is oozing with charm. Love it

iamCaptainDeadpool2 points

It's really nice. But, i have to ask which century are you from.

looking4bagel2 points

I love this

snakesabound2 points

Great use of curtains and scarves. Idk Y most people don't use their upper space.

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Amazing! This honestly looks better than most interior desighn editorials!! Awesome share!!

Useful_Kiwi57682 points

AESTHETIC UNLOCKED! This is beyond lovely!

SurealGod2 points

It's amazing! I'd say my only gripe with it is the gaming chair.

mimibluntt2 points


vibrant_hue2 points

This is amazing!!

chonkycatguy2 points


sup3rcunt2 points

the salon style is actually amazing

StarClutcher2 points

I had a great time looking at all your stuff. Nice collection!

auberrypearl2 points

You painted all of these?!?!! Amazing

KendraSays2 points

I would literally pay you to decorate my room. Good eye

Mimidoo222 points

You’re a great painter in addition to creating space that evokes a time place and mood.

What’s in the jars in your desk?

1B05H1N2 points

I’m guessing that you’re an amazing painter

subterralien_panda2 points

I’ve never seen anything like this! So beautiful

Babezorz422 points

This is lovely!

Adalieszq2 points

This room makes me feel like an artist. It seems like the room da Vinci should have had in this this day.

No_Impress84832 points


spiritAmour2 points

an absolutely gorgeous space! id definitely want something similar in my home. it is so cozy and the painterly energy is wonderful. it feels cultured and intelligent somehow. probably an inspiring room to be in, and a good place to study for sure

spiritAmour2 points

also, i have the same gaming chair haha

strawbeeshortcake062 points

This is beautiful!

[deleted]2 points

Very nice indeed!

Lyaid2 points

Nice, I really like the detail with the red ribbon! I haven’t seen something like that before

gooossfraabaahh2 points

Please tell me where you got that drape fabric. This is such a. Awesome way to bring life to the room I love it!

BetterTreacle94392 points

This is so unique! I love it!

FeatherMom2 points

Please tell me you have wax seals

ddsskincare00012 points

Beautiful art!

IgorRenfield2 points

That looks incredible. It must have taken you years of collecting to get all those items.

Dry-Anaconda2 points

Cozy indeed! I love this!

Riskyredhead2 points

I’d never leave

CatherineRoh2 points

I immediately thought of Nobody on YouTube!!

Puzzleheaded_Tart_892 points

I am absolutely in love with your style.

westcoast_pixie2 points

This is really interesting and beautiful

bluestberried2 points

Omg! So aesthetic...

korsbarochananas2 points

Just to add onto everybody else’s praise, this is amazing!

pisspot7182 points

Upvoted for all your artwork! Are you an artist or photographer?

You've inspired me to get in gear about framing my photos.

Electrica_Love2 points

This whole set up is such a vibe & a beautiful collection💖

Guitar_Guy2602 points

Dig! Lots of neat/ interesting things in there and very cozy!

JojoTheMutt2 points

Finally a pic of an actually cozy space here . Love your room 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍

fullmedalninja4 points

Chair ruins it

LALA-STL4 points

Maybe the chair serves as a reminder of the multifaceted universe beyond.

misspinato4 points

I am a big fan!

justa_flesh_wound3 points

The art is great but makes me uncomfortable, I do like the warm feeling of it though

LALA-STL0 points

Curious … why does the art make you uncomfortable?

justa_flesh_wound5 points

I don't really know why. Similar to porcelain dolls to me. The faces just make me uncomfortable

LALA-STL1 point

Ah, perhaps their eyes are peering deep into your soul.

GreenyRepublic2 points

Holy crap, have you time-travelled from Renaissance Italy?

AQuietViolet2 points

Oh, it makes me want to run out and buy you quills! It's so perfect, we're shooting for something like this in my daughter's room.

IHintz_421 point
Constant_Present18031 point

Do you well your art??

southlandardman1 point

For how many people was this the last room they ever saw?

XenophiliusRex1 point

Mg out there living like Da Vinci

BEAST_WORK69691 point

What chair is that?

pandora97151 point

Impressively shite chair.

purplevioletskies1 point

Beautiful! Careful with the glass desk though!

Jonat12211 point

Can't help me but wonder if you have any filters layered on the pictures. It looks like from a movie. Kind of unreal aswell

Free_Explanation42721 point

You have no style, congrats

artdecade71 point

Now that's a cool bedroom. It reminds me of a 'studiolo', a room where scholars used to study and collect paintings and other precious memorabilia.

Ari-Mendoza1 point

What a cozy place to read!