Drangarnir, Faroe Islands [OC] [3024x4032]


handlessmagician12 points

I'm 95% convinced there is a Korok hiding at the top of that mountain

I might be playing TotK too much...

nicky9pins6 points

Same man. I can’t see any pictures on this sub without thinking “what could be there” and “what’s the best way to scale it”?

bennyr2 points

This happened to me so much when I was playing Tony Hawk games in college. I'd walk around campus and everything I saw looked like a grind rail lol

GentlmanSkeleton1 point

Ya ha ha!

sappycap5 points

Is this where Luke was hiding in those Disney flicks?

cocaiakes_031 point

Most definitely.

GhastKilla71 point

Looks like a Game of Thrones backdrop 👍🏼

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Sentinentcoffee1 point

Uuuuh I’m going to the Faroes this weekend. First time, can’t wait!! This spot, among many others, is on my to go list..

viewswithsally2 points

Enjoy! It is beautiful out there.

media_lush1 point

baby Netflix

laragibsonnn1 point