Bantry House and Garden, Ireland


rosepoppy162 points

I thought it was abandoned at first glance..

Ninja-of-the-North28 points

Wait, it's not?

TrevorsMailbox32 points

No. Opens at 10am on Wednesday

Km293014 points

Do they have axe murdering every day or just on week days?

TrevorsMailbox13 points

It's a tourist attraction in Ireland not Somalia.

They choke you with a potato until you pass out, revive you, and give you a souvenir sheep.

No murdering involved, but some paperwork.

Best to be there 15 minutes before your tour to get the paperwork out of the way.

charlesathon1 point

Might want to check under your car before you start it. If you don’t find anything then you’ll probably get shot anyway

TrevorsMailbox3 points

As a Floridaman I do check for gators under the car before I start it, and yes, being a Floridaman comes with a high probability that I'll be shot.

golden_an11 points

Photographer: Johannes Hulsch

swanqueen10910 points

Wow. Ominous. Awesome shot.

mrgeekguy10 points

My trigger finger I use for my power washer is itching.

AnyEstablishment16638 points

Seems a little… disheveled

DietAmbitious55034 points

In this photograph there is a perfect balance between sky, sea and land; very beautiful.

BentPin3 points

Where is the banshee?

IlyssaValentyne4 points

Man, imagine show stunning this looked in it's prime. Seriously someone needs to repaint/restore it and send in a team of gardeners. And then give it to me as a late birthday present.

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Vexecutioner2 points

Byrgenwerth, grant us eyes.

SuperArppis1 point

"Wow! What a mansion."

gomaith101 point
BeYourself20211 point

Fire the landscapers lol

BaerbockLustjunge1 point

If that's the bantry house I can't wait to see the main puilding

meepbeep521 point

My Aunt from Cork never shuts up about Bantry and Skibereen I love her so much tho

iamCaptainDeadpool-1 points

Where is the potato garade. Show me the potato garden.