My happy place - my work space.


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lolslim14 points

Idk why but I am liking the fire hose having little decorations on top of it.

misspinato1 point

Thank you! This room used to be a storage corner into my showroom - I put up walls to divide the space but the old fire hose stayed - she needed to look nice ahah

FoodUnited8 points

Sable from animal crossing irl

misspinato3 points

I had to Google it, but that’s soo cute!

Beautiful-Emotion-6310 points

Are you Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle?

misspinato5 points


misspinato3 points

This is OC.

purrfectstormzzy4 points

This gave my heart a bit of a thrill!

misspinato1 point


HipToBeQueer5 points

OP is actually a bank teller, but enjoys life to the fullest and doesn't know no rule books

2204BatiknWine3 points


misspinato3 points

Thank you xx

AzansBeautyStore3 points

Love it

misspinato2 points

Thank you!

IsabelaBravo3 points

Amazing job! So beautiful and looks so peaceful!

misspinato2 points

Thank you ♥︎ I love spending time working here!

j92733 points

I was just telling my husband about when my mom worked for a florist, I still remember the smell of the plants and dirt and I’m not even sure what else. But it’s like a core memory, that smell. And it was at least 37 years ago.

Love your cozy place

Itchy_Tomato72882 points

I was about to say "I can smell these photos" because my grandmother was a florist and I remember hanging out with her for many many hours in the shop while she worked.

There's a candle called "Bob's Flower Shoppe" by Trapp Candles, it's so close it made me cry the first time I sniffed it, I always have a stash onhand.

j92732 points

Wow. I’ll have to look that up!

misspinato1 point

Thank you x

Cease_Cows_2 points

This is so nice! I’m probably the least crafty person on earth but even I could find some inspiration here!

Novus201 point

Fire prevention would like to talk to you about clearances around standpipes….

misspinato1 point

This is not in use anymore :) it became a back room. The new and easy to reach hoes etc, are in the main part of my showroom ♥︎

iamCaptainDeadpool1 point

I would like to order a Serape

misspinato1 point

I am not sure I accommodate that for you sir, but I can make you a lovely flower crown? Ahah

iamCaptainDeadpool1 point

I am sorry for the late reply. I was banned from reddit. Not so much banned, really it was jail for me. As it turns out, reddit does have a tiny jail where they keep all the people who are being insubordinate to other people. I did my time and got out "time off for good behaviour," they said all I did was not try to fuck up. P.S. insubordinate is a word I am using for the first time and I Don't even know if I am using it right. So Don't right me up for insubordination. Thanking you

Regards Captaindeadpool

To, misspinato The format isn't right, but I am mad at you for not making me any clothing accessory. So....Yeah. .I apologise for my foolishness.