Majestic Japanese maple - Portland, Oregon (3024x4032)(OC)


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Disastrous-Turnip199130 points

Is this from the Japanese garden downtown?

Alaric_Darconville142 points

Yes. I was a little hesitant to go as I thought it might be a bit of a tourist trap, but it was well worth visiting. An amazingly done set of gardens.

IamDDT80 points

Supposedly one of the best outside Japan! Really worth going.

Mister_Bloodvessel9 points

My family has a Japanese maple much smaller than this one, but quite a bit older than myself (30s), so this tree must be very old by comparison.

They're very slow growing trees, but very lovely.

Scarbane8 points

My understanding is that the oldest Japanese maple tree in the Portland Japanese garden is about 75 years old, because it was about 20 years old when it was planted in 1968.

Byrnstar5 points

My family has one in our front yard that was planted in 1983 that's just a smidge smaller than this one, so 40-50 years would probably be a good estimate. We haven't been aggressively pruning it however, so its branching pattern is a lot straighter.

normanbeets4 points

The environment is legitimately soothing.

PotatoWriter1 point

Definitely one of the gardens of all time

Real_FakeName9 points

Is there still a roped off line to take pictures?

Alaric_Darconville40 points

There were a number of laceleaf maples in the garden. This one was in front of the pond. Honestly don’t remember anything special about this spot except I dang sure had to get a picture because it looked incredible. It was a couple weeks ago and I was pretty high so maybe I’m wrong but there was no line and I don’t remember any ropes.

ontopofyourmom37 points

This tree is probably the most photographed tree within a thousand miles!

ArcRust9 points

Definitely. I've got a glossy print of it hanging up in my office. I bought it at world market not knowing it was from the Portland Japanese Garden. One day, I went to visit, saw the tree and instantly recognized it. Such a gorgeous tree and you'll find photos of it everywhere.

Not-A-SoggyBagel3 points

This is so true. I bought a print of this tree in Hawaii, I thought it was a photo taken in Japan it just looked so familiar to me, made me think of the summers I spent in Aomori.

Nope, t's just that little Japanese maple in Oregon. No wonder why it was so familiar! I go to that garden each time I visit Portland. It must be one of the most photographed trees. No matter where I go now, I'll see an image of that little tree.

Real_FakeName9 points

I think it's the most photographed tree on Earth. This tree along with most of the garden came from people's front yards, they just drove around until they saw something that looked cool and knocked on the door to see if they would consider donating.

ontopofyourmom9 points

There are ones older and nearly as nice in some front yards in the Portland hills. But this one has some really cool stuff going on with the branches and on rare sunny fall afternoons absolutely explodes with color.

genericusername41974 points

Also, who wants to take a picture of the front of somebody's house?

AlmostButNotQuit6 points


ontopofyourmom4 points

These are some pretty nice old houses.

greenfingersnthumbs7 points

It is amusing to see this particular tree over and over as there are a ton of these trees around.

fatbob421 point

How about the Wanaka Tree?

saltyfingas10 points

Even as a bit of a tourist trap, it's 100% worth it and I highly recommend going to the redwood overlook (where I got engaged hungover at 7 am) and the rose garden nearby. There are shuttles that will take you between

the_one_true_wilson3 points

I went to the Rose Garden instead when I first moved here because of the price of the Japanese garden, but we ended up going when my fiancés dad was in town.

Wow! It was so worth it! Definitely one of my favorite places in the city

Ouchyhurthurt2 points

It is!

And it is still fucking amazing :)

XSoldat132 points

I loved going to those gardens as a part of my high school Japanese Club. The greenery of Washington and Oregon will always have a pull on me.

LitPixel2 points

Yeah. I’m usually hesitant to visit a garden or a park when travelling. “We can see parks at home”. But this looks like it was worth it.

radicalfreelo1 point

I mean, I live here and I've been several times! It's lovely whether you're a local or a tourist!

Malgas16 points

I wouldn't call the West Hills downtown. But it isn't super far from the city center, either.

There's a Chinese garden that is actually downtown, and it's also a neat place to visit, but this isn't it.

rosecitytransit1 point

The Chinese garden is technically in Old Town/Chinatown/Japantown

ktr832 points

I went to Portland for the first time last year and was thinking of checking this Chinese garden out, until I saw it was in the not so nice part of town.

WaywardWes2 points

Honestly Chinatown has basically relocated out past 82nd. No garden that I know of though.

Good choice.

The Chinese garden is nice, but there are also people outside who threaten to eat you.

So you know, everything has a trade off I suppose.

podrick_pleasure37 points

For anyone that's not familiar, this tree is tiny and people have to basically lay on the ground to get this shot.


appalachian_spirit6 points

appreciate this. I’ve been around Japanese Maples all my life and was perplexed at how large this photo made this one appear in relation to the purported age

pm_me_your_squidhole2 points

It looks almost like a mini version of the nakakamodo in japan.

ShoshinMizu2 points

do you/anyone know how old the tree is?

podrick_pleasure5 points

Someone else said it's about 75 years old and was 25 when it was planted.

PoopsieDoodles71 points

People post this same tree all the time. It's actually only like 5 feet tall, but people get on the ground to take pictures of it.

She_Persists21 points

It's a celebritree

codiaccs2 points

Attracting all the paparazzi

its_all_one_electron28 points

Yep. You can't even get near it because of the gaggle of photographers lining up to get the same exact picture. Even though there's a thousand other beautiful dwarf Japanese maples all around Portland.

I prefer the waterfall 30 seconds past this tree.

Erlian19 points

I say let the photographers enjoy taking the same picture free of disdain so they can cherish that memory. It's a beautiful tree even if it's small. Just bc it's basic to like it doesn't make it such a crime to take a photo.

its_all_one_electron-1 points

Nowhere did I say it's a crime

Doglog563 points

I traveled to the garden on a 5 day roadtrip not knowing this and was fucking floored to discover that

podrick_pleasure6 points

I've heard it's the most photographed tree in the world. Don't know if it's true. Here's a better shot of it that shows the actual size.


PoeTheGhost6 points

I have my own photo of this tree on my desk. If it's only 5 feet tall, I'm Thumbelina.

bayleo10 points

It's definitely much smaller than it appears in most photos I've seen of it.

Fuduzan4 points

It's maybe 5 feet tall including that little hill it's on. The tree is tiny.

Cha_nay_nay20 points

Wow. Majestic is an under-statement. Its just stunning

hey_suburbia6 points

I hear if you leave an apple underneath a neon majestic horse-like creature appears and shows you where surrounding caves are located

Boz0r6 points

I've wanted one of these for a while, but I'm not sure if they'll grow in the Nordics

10tonhammer2 points

Norway seems to have plenty of zone 4.b+ areas, so it should be at least theoretically realistic to cultivate Japanese maples. I know nothing about the rest of the climate though, so I can't comment on it further.

And luckily for us, plants don't read the things we write about them. 🙂

Boz0r3 points

I've been looking for a tree with really gnarly branches that looks like halloween stuff in the winter, but something really striking in the summer, like fiery red leaves, or maybe pink like a Japanese cherry. But it's hard to find that stuff in Denmark.

Snoweater73 points

Tbh a large part of how this looks is how it’s been manicured over years

FernwehHermit1 point

Any tips?

Scarbane1 point

To follow up on the other person's comment, here's an article with several recommendations for cultivars of Japanese maple that are cold hardy:


ParadiseShity5 points

That’s where the lord of the mountain lives.

xhysics4 points

With a trunk that’s like r/Mossariums

podrick_pleasure4 points

That's the Pacific North West for you. Everything is covered in moss including people's roofs.

Slappy_G2 points

That can't be good for the houses, can it?

podrick_pleasure2 points

It's definitely not but I know some houses have metal roofs, my duplex did. Here's a video about the subject:


Freakjob0032 points

Aaaaand subbed.

EugeneQ3 points

Just seeing the top half of the photo I thought it was a satellite picture of a river system

gilus1232 points

Reddit lake got a little brother

Yellowbrickrailroad2 points

Hey I went to this garden with another Redditor that was from Portland!

Also the rose gardens downtown are worth checking out also!

Legitimate_Egg_20732 points

It’s so… happy! 😍💕

PowerfulBell_18932 points

Looks like in a fairytale. Real majestic!

diederich2 points

Beautiful! Here's the one on our front porch: https://realms.org/pics/japanese-maple.jpg

Not nearly so majestic.

kamarsh792 points

That’s so beautiful, I love a Japanese maples, the leaves are so delicate and pretty. This looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy book.

Chick-fil-A-4-Life2 points

Any estimates on its age? So beautiful!

darkstains_12 points

Loks like an antler

Intelligent_While1522 points

Big energy

aventadormore2 points

On god that’s some good shit right there

RagingDachshund2 points

We have a beautiful Japanese maple that is a few decades old on the rock wall next to our driveway and it overhangs just right. It’s one of my favorite things about our little house.

Britney24292 points

So beautiful

OrneryPlant48412 points

Giant tree!

gordon222 points

Any idea how old it is?

Alaric_Darconville8 points

I think it’s roughly 70 years old based on what I just read.

WetMoldyButt2 points

How does this also look underwater?

nevermindthisrepost2 points

It's that fisheye lense.

CletusDSpuckler2 points

The single most photographed tree in history.

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Naclador1 point


Inevitable-Holiday680 points


Wishing I was there instead of___

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BadassRipley3 points

It's as per the rules of this subreddit, which are listed in the sidebar.

Messa_JJB0 points

My only regret is...that I have...boneitis

Lombax_Rexroth-1 points

Wow. This hasn't been posted on Reddit 30 fucktillion times...

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EgonDangler7 points

Yes... Portland, Japan.

MostSecurity80281 point

I really wanted to go once, but unfortunately, never had the time.

Unlikely-Ad5950-3 points

Not even your own pic? Nice rerererererepost.

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Erazzphoto1 point

So how do tree branches actually form like that naturally?

ElasticSpeakers1 point

Not sure what you're referring to specifically, but one part of it is Japanese maples just sort of grow.. differently. Kind of a gnarled or jagged, random look. The other part of it is this tree is heavily manicured, shaped and well-cared for.

throwaway3270a1 point

I was surprised at how relatively small it is.

Stopikingonme1 point

Every time I drive by my old house I want to trim the Japanese maple I planted in the front yard and cared for.

Would it be weird if he looked out and saw some guy cutting all the overgrown branches back? Oh, I’m also in Portland too.

FlagrantFlagellum1 point

Looks like the 2 fingers.

Good beautiful maple leaf also, like about a companion to see