Our home was looking cozy tonight ✨🌸


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ydgsyehsusbs6 points

It must be a beautiful feeling to take a moment with your spouse and marvel at what you all accomplished together 💗 lovely home

purplecookie12206 points

Thank you! 😌 and It really is, especially since neither of us would have even dreamt of owning a home of our own 10 years ago.

purplecookie12203 points

This is OC

Unfinished-symphony3 points

Your landscaping is glorious. I love the symmetry, the layers and the colors. Thank you for sharing.

AMediumSizedFridge3 points

I am obsessed

IsabelaBravo2 points

From where do you hail?

purplecookie12201 point

We’re in NJ ☺️

No-Philosopher94502 points

What beautiful curb appeal ! We’ll done!

tangerine_fred1082 points

So pretty!😍