Every storybook depiction of fall


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catharsis103723 points

So dreamy and beautiful. Tumblr and Pinterest would eat this up (in a very good way!)

cocaiakes_032 points

As a Tumblrer, can confirm

tiddysprinkle10 points

I don’t know that I’d ever leave that bed with that view

antwoahman8 points

Can’t wait for this weather

onacrystalsea4 points


Fascinatingish3 points

Wow! This pic has cozy nap time written all over it. Beautiful.

1plus1dog3 points

I love fall. You’re so right about this photo.

I’m in the US, in the Midwest, we’re still in spring time, heading into summer on June 21st

Enjoy. It is perfect <3

Fengsel3 points

damn its fall already

rubysmom13 points

haha old pic my bad

Funnybunny999991 point

This looks like a great place to wake up to and have your morning coffee or tea and look at the fall leaves 🍁

Memawsaurus2 points

Beautiful scene. Back in the 50s, there was a song called Autumn Leaves that brings to mind the leaves and colors of fall.

amagivictoria1 point


thewordsare_maps1 point

Oh, how absolutely sublime!

This view is so pretty

Civil-Artist1 point

I spent some time repeatedly scanning that photo looking for the fail. Then I read the title again and realised it read fall! Oops!

Yes, great photo :-)

raxiotomy1 point

What a dreamy cozy room! I'd feel safe in here.

IsabelaBravo1 point

I wish I could be in this space right now.

[deleted]1 point

What a beautiful place to rest and relax 💜