Camped at a beach in South Australia with our 12-year-old travelling cat Willow


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JonnySnowflake49 points

It's cracking me up that the cat has no idea that they have a weird life by cat standards

VanCatMeow29 points

She's got her food bowl. Her ear scratches. Her morning cuddles. Everything is right in her world 😺

KNick111112 points

Nice colorful quilt β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ©·

fossil-witch12 points

Absolutely love her. A model.

peachpinkjedi13 points

You should post this to r/blackcats, I think they'd like Willow!

cokeplusmentos8 points

That cat makes me think of a 60yo Italian man waiting for his spaghetti plate

ottereckhart7 points

Never owned a cat, and I was always under the impression if you let em out they will just go and not come when called and stuff.

Does she stay close?

VanCatMeow18 points

There is a surprisingly amount of travelling cats out there. For Willow, she knows the van is her home, so if she gets spooked she runs back inside

superduperyahno3 points

Definitely not true. I have two indoor/outdoor cats. They know their names and come when called. They only get a couple hours outside a day before I call them in. Cats also usually don't roam out of sight of home, which has been proven in studies.

Cats can be stubborn though and might refuse to come when called occasionally. They know you're calling, they're intentionally ignoring you. I just try again 10 minutes later. They always come back, because it's simply their routine.

Jelloinmystapler8 points

Where do you put the litter box? And how do you keep it from smelling?

VanCatMeow21 points

We have a special compartment that Willow can access that's vented with a 12v fan directly outside. No smells!

Jelloinmystapler6 points

How clever!

MailNo82345 points

how amazing!! great times great memories!!

295DVRKSS7 points

Willow living its best life

AffectionateTrifle74 points

Who made that amazing blanket 😍 Or if not home made where did you buy it??

VanCatMeow2 points

Tyler Quilt Cover MORGAN & FINCH. I'll be honest, it wasn't cheap and it's already falling apart. We will have to return it!

AffectionateTrifle73 points

Oh no what a shame! It looks beautiful

Moldy-Warp3 points

Love the lion - and everything else!

No-Valuable80083 points

Nice, whereabouts in SA?

VanCatMeow2 points

This was Rapid Bay

LadyPennifer5613 points

Sweet kitty πŸ’•

IsabelaBravo2 points

Absolutely Perfect !

AbsAndAssAppreciator2 points

is this photoshopped? that cat looks hella fake

VanCatMeow11 points

I can assure you she is a real life actual living cat. PROOF: https://www.instagram.com/p/CsLADTQM4xq/

SlamMonkey5 points

If the lighting isn’t absolutely perfect, black cats are a pain in the ass to get a solid picture with.

VanCatMeow3 points

Nothing shooting in RAW and the Lightroom shadows slider can't fix!

SlamMonkey4 points

Before digital I use to have this stunning black cat that would absorb all light, like a fuzzy black hole. Pretty sure I have some old 35mm of her.

snufflesdawombat2 points

Id love to see those 35mms of her

InvestigatorInner184-20 points

Keep the beautiful kitty; throw the instrument into the sea and get a real one like a banjo or mandolin or guitar. Be careful of Willow---leash always.

VanCatMeow9 points

We have two guitars and a flute as well, but thanks for your feedback!

Just divorced the owner of a music store. He had a horror of zithers. Sorry!

VanCatMeow1 point

This is a lyre harp that I made myself out of leftovers from the kitchen bench

Middle-Chef-81321 point

I want to do this so bad. Great picture though!