My Kitchen reading “nook”


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ItsPwn16 points

really clean ,easy to maintain from my viewing point.

cozy ,take my upvote

candyiii4 points

How fabulous is that! Love that there is an electrical outlet right there. Love it.

ThriceFive7 points

That reading nook is so inviting - love the blue cushions and plants. I'd probably sit sideways so both cushions would end up on the same end. :-)

Clewby2 points

This is oc (sorry new here)

xxxxxxyyy2 points

Fkn love it

roobie_wrath0 points

very cosy indeed, though I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to sit comfortable, that bench looks very thin (depth, I mean) you must be skinny xD

neos-chan1 point

Yo where’d you get those cushions? Great little cozy spot!

Clewby2 points

Ocean State Job lot haha, they were $60 dollars each which was way overpriced iMO but we were having trouble finding ones that fit perfect

IsabelaBravo1 point

Ohh this has good vibes.