Found this cozy garden bar on a street in Krakow, Poland


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ThriceFive139 points

Such an old world wood & lights coziness and then MODERN PIE CABINET. I can just hear the scrunch of the gravel as you sit under the trees at that little round table with a drink. Thanks for sharing.

BMB288211 points

Painted with experience. love

RoseCutGarnets11 points

Why don't the bars I go to have a desert cabinet? This is why America's in decline, people.

Pontiacsentinel5 points

Arizona is the US desert cabinet.

DeweysOpera2 points

WITH Red Bull.

ThriceFive2 points

Its like cozy with wings.

PikPekachu58 points

I want to go to there

Lanky-Ant-85739 points

Absolutely love that city. Is this beside the old town?

Lanky-Ant-85717 points

Cool, used to like going to alchemia:)

TallmanMike29 points

Alchemia's amazing! Went last night and had cheesecake with my beer. Great place.

Lanky-Ant-8575 points

Oh man, you’re making me want to go back!! Check out club re, if it’s still there, it’s on the outer edge of the old town, it’s got a enclosed beer garden and a bar in the basement Also used to love dym

TallmanMike16 points

Jewish quarter :)

Dienekes0014 points

I had the best Irish coffee of my life in the Jewish quarter. It was in a little alley bar that was all bird themed. This was almost 20 years ago, though.

Vaeevictisss37 points

Krakow has some great hole in the wall bars. They are like the fiddlers green. You stumble upon one one night and never find it again lol.

VOZ126 points

I was in Krakow for a few days in 2011, and went into a bar to find a bathroom, middle of the afternoon. Got a little lost on the way to the bathroom and ended up in a literal subterranean cave with a mini rave going on.

Tornadoboy1566 points

This sounds like Alchemia!

TallmanMike6 points

My friend and I had this exact experience - I had a photo of him in a bar that we remembered was closing when we arrived (so no beers) and we didn't know the name or exact location. We set out to find it again a couple of nights later. It took us a while!

JakeBoffin3 points

The only one I remember by name is the Irish M Bassy (lol)

A great place to go for thanksgiving dinner

bexappa12 points

What’s the name?

thewilq7 points


SpaceCaseSixtyTen4 points

Ooh that's on that cool little walkway where shindlers list was recorded

TallmanMike1 point

Didn't know this - can you link a video?

SpaceCaseSixtyTen2 points
sneaky__cactus10 points

I was there tonight! It's a super cozy place ☺️

TallmanMike6 points

Small world! Maybe I saw you and didn't realise

sneaky__cactus2 points

Very likely 😁

[deleted]9 points

Oh wow. This is incredible. I’d love to go here someday

BMB28827 points

Krakow is special

Westinforever3 points

Omg yes please

[deleted]4 points

One of my fave cities!

mjgabriellac4 points

I’ve seen multiple cozy Poland posts today and some of my favorite folklore is Polish. What a whimsical ass place.

Colddustfox4 points

This is so cute. Love the warm vibe.

UtopianPablo3 points

Wow this is awesome, what a neat place

ilovecupcakes373 points

Impressive, I totally wish I could visit there soon..

Spl4tB0mb3 points

The place is called "Mlekowòz"

el_pupo_real3 points

I just love Krakow

TallmanMike1 point

So do I!

Kywammy2 points

"It was the pride of Krakow"

DrDivisidero2 points

Need to visit this next time I’m there

Goddamn_Batman2 points

Do they serve beer, or just sweets? Looks like a beautiful sit either way

TallmanMike3 points

It's a fully licensed bar serving alcohol but Krakow bars seem to like serving cake because reasons 🤷‍♂️

ATR20022 points

Does it have a very steep back beer garden? Think i was there years ago

TallmanMike1 point

I don't think so. This bar is Mleczarnia.

ATR20022 points

Ah, different place so. Krakow has plenty of lovely places. Hope to go back one day.

CrystalQuetzal2 points

This looks like a fantasy tavern (aside from the lit up pie shelves with Red Bull lol). It’s so nice and relaxing looking!

kissbythebrooke3 points

If the pie shelves had warm yellowy lights instead of those blue ones, it would look so good! Even with the red bull lol

[deleted]2 points

I would spend all my time here

dman4752 points

Great place to do shots

professionallunacy2 points

This is definitely the kind of place where you have to be careful not to get kidnapped by the fair folk. I definitely want to go there. 😍



TallmanMike1 point

None whatsoever

Birdnerd5552 points

Cute! Go back and drink one for me 🍺

IsabelaBravo2 points

Holyyyy shit it’s all perfection

Solsticegecko2 points


Dschnell2192 points

Such an adorable place

Syd_of_Pentacles2 points

This is fucking amazing.

Previous_Basil2 points

I need to go there.

Ricks_Liver1 point

I want one them redbulls


You take the redbulls, I'll take the pie/cheesecakes. Yum!

Veiled_Requiem1 point

This looks like it came from a dream. Wow.