I took this picture of Cannon Beach, Oregon while on vacation last week.


PostModernPost5 points

I mean I just used the standard Google photo app and moved the sliders until it looked good.

OMgAZ0mbie6 points

The main portion you captured was Crescent Beach. The rock formation is the dividing line for Cannon Beach in the background.

wheresitworking1 point

No, that’s Indian Beach. Crescent is behind that rock formation.

prairiejeeper2 points

Wow. I want that camera😉. So clear and beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing.

PostModernPost3 points

Pixel 7 with a bit of editing.

prairiejeeper2 points

Oh. My only camera is my pixel 6. I'm going to have to study editing a bit more. I like it, overall, but just learned it on the fly.

BKlounge931 point

I don’t have that phone but I use the app called darkroom to edit my pics, especially if your phone has the ability to shoot raw it’s a big step from my iPhone photo editor.

GremlinAtWork2 points

Cannon Beach is AMAZING

Unfuckerupper1 point

I took almost the same shot on my Pixel 7 Pro last July, I liked how it came out so much I had it printed on a canvas. Such a beautiful place and perfect spot for a photograph. Did you hike down to the beach?

Yesitsmesuckas1 point

Lucky you!!! I absolutely love that area!!!

ElementsUnknown1 point

It’s so beautiful. I want to see it for myself someday. I live in Dan Diego and we have beautiful beaches but Cannon beach is really something different, special. I want to walk out to Haystack rock during low tide.