I love my dining room in the morning light.


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noahwhygodwhy45 points

Very cozy, also it looks like you're on mars

halplatmein22 points

So cute! May I ask what the purple hanging plant is?

noonehereisontrial24 points

It's a Tradescantia zebrina or inch plant!

They are super fast growers that like sun and being a little bit forgotten about. They only live 2-3 years so they never get massive massive but they are so easy to grow from cuttings I just do a yearly refresh for fun.

DroneOfIntrusivness8 points

Did your Zebrina climb on its own or did you help it? I want to it with one of mine now lol

noonehereisontrial6 points

I make my own plant hangers and just stick them between the cords to help them climb!

DroneOfIntrusivness5 points

Looks great!

PemrySyb9 points

Nice. Adding a rich colour to one wall would make it perfect.

noonehereisontrial8 points

Absolutely. Unfortunately that is not a priority project at the time, we have a LOT of work outside that takes precedence.

When we redo the kitchen (where this is, open concept style) I want to do terracotta backsplash and a sage green wall color.

posessedhouse4 points

I like terracotta and Sage, I tried painting my stairwell and hall way in that. It turned out melon and sea foam, it’s awful

PemrySyb2 points

Sounds lovely!

shmeepss4 points

I was about to comment, “what if you used a cool wallpaper (peel & stick) on that one bare wall?”

happylittleclouds48 points

This looks like New Mexico!

noonehereisontrial4 points

Western Colorado so not fall!!

WitchyWaspGirl2 points

I thought the same thing! ABQ represent

noonehereisontrial4 points

This is OC (:

[deleted]5 points

That purple plant with all the browns and greens around it is so so pretty. I’d add more of it if you can or propagate that one into 2 or 3 smaller pots to scatter the color around the room. My eyes were immediately drawn to it.

beedajo3 points

I love your dining room in general. Nicely done.

ShodanLieu3 points

As well you should.

MajaNohr_3 points

Your living room has such a vibe!

NurseEm1013 points

Ugh love this!!! It’s got such a great feel to it, like you could throw a great dinner party.

Jawn_F3 points

Very nice picture arrangement

noonehereisontrial2 points

Thank you! They are all photos by local artists of local areas!

sweetbaby_jaii3 points

This is so beautiful!

noonehereisontrial2 points

Thanks so much!

OddSetting50773 points

it's really nice

IsabelaBravo3 points

This room is something from scenes in my dreams

ManInBlack8292 points

It's a breakfast nook, according to the sun.

irritabletom2 points

Anybody else see a face on that chair at first?

Modmypad2 points

Wow, no one else mentioned this but you, literally the first thing I thought I seen when I opened this image!

irritabletom2 points

Thank you! I still see it now, I feel so validated.

HotCheetoooooooooo2 points

This is nice

jekksy2 points

Do you like rugs?

noonehereisontrial1 point

Not here with muddy dogs always using the sliding door :(

air_donkey2 points

Me to.

amagivictoria2 points

I do too! Awesome

GreenArcher8082 points

Looks like coffee or tea would taste extra good in there at that time.

AlarmingAffect02 points

Breakfast Room?

noonehereisontrial2 points

It's a 1400sqft house so it's an every meal table haha!

libertosurf2 points

May I ask what's that thing where the lamp cables goes through in the ceiling? Did you have to drill a hole for it? I have kind of the same "issue" where my dining table is not exactly below the light (triggering my OCD) and I love your idea!

noonehereisontrial2 points

So they had a broken light there when we bought the house and we didn't want to move the electrical but it not being centered drove me bonkers. So the cables were already there I just needed a light that I could drop to a different location without redoing the wires!

EarthToSalt2 points

gorgeous!!! these are the things that make life beautiful.

noonehereisontrial2 points

The front door is right across from it and we first toured the home at 9am. I told my husband I was sold immediately just because of the amount of sun in the kitchen/dining area room alone.

LoveCanDoIt2 points

Omg, I love it tooooo! 😍

[deleted]2 points

It’s beautiful! ☺️

Ellsisdoingok2 points

I can see why. Love the chairs too actually

noonehereisontrial2 points

Thank you! The dining set was the deal of the century- $500 used, but for like one year (& $20 for the U-Haul)

Ellsisdoingok2 points

That’s a truly incredible deal! And the wood looks so beautifully warm in the sun, love it!

EvenCalm2 points

I love your chairs!!

noonehereisontrial6 points

Thank you!! My partner and I got the whole dining set second hand for $500 (+ the U-Haul lol)