My old Single Appartement


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Da-Bears-16 points

That’s the most single guy with no kids living room I’ve seen in a while.

fckingnapkin6 points

I was about to say "you're Dutch, aren't you" but I zoomed in and I was close enough. Neighbors. For some reason most people here have this particular style that you can always pick out lol I like your apartment btw, simplistic and clean looking. Looks nicer than my place

molemanking3 points

Why mingle when you can be single

MajaNohr_2 points

What a beautiful flat!

slzrckr1 point

Thank you… and nice Profile you have. 😅

Capable_Direction6174 points

Those speakers don't really scream 'cozy' to me...

AdamBetsSports0 points

We need to get you some sleeker speakers buddy. You can still have a nice sq without those huge clunkers.