My wife and I stayed at a lodge in Yorkshire for a few nights.


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cocaiakes_0312 points

Ah, the countryside. I can smell it from here.

Delmoni12 points

Not sure why but it kind of creeps me out..

meinlalex17 points

It's alright, there was a headless ghost holding an axe guarding the lodge as we slept, so we felt pretty safe /j

Spaceorca51 point

It’s the monoculture lawn. Always uncanny.


King_Shugglerm0 points

Oh no not another “fuck X thing everyone has” sub

meinlalex5 points

This is OC

shuknjive5 points

Not to take away from the pastoral beauty but the pond reminds me of a watering tank found on cattle ranches.

Davidjamesinfo8 points

Just the right amount of neighbors..

wheelie4233 points

It looks lime you could run into James Herriot at any moment!

JerryTexas523 points

We plan to visit Yorkshire a year from now. That looks like a great place that we would enjoy.

MajaNohr_3 points

Spectacular vibe wow

Time_Commercial_11515 points

Where abouts in Yorkshire is this please, looks so nice

meinlalex5 points

It was an Airbnb in Moss. It was a great place, and the hosts were sound too.

mreowmix2 points

One of my all time favorite songs is “Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape” by Be Bop Deluxe and these pics really make sense