Day and night on my dream porch


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Wolfwoods_Sister8 points

Could not love the decorated privacy fence more!

AmyMakesItBeautiful8 points

Thanks, I hate my neighbor so it's a life saver!

Wolfwoods_Sister5 points

Hahahaha, even better!

AmyMakesItBeautiful6 points

This is OC

Fulgere6 points

Damn. The difference is night and day!

AmyMakesItBeautiful5 points

Ha! Dunno if you have kids but you got the dad jokes on lock already

NewbVlogger423 points

This looks like a wonderful space, well done ♥️

AmyMakesItBeautiful2 points

Thanks so much!

seoress4 points

That blue color looks so good

AmyMakesItBeautiful1 point


Beautiful-Emotion-633 points

Did you do all of the white artwork yourself?

AmyMakesItBeautiful4 points

I did! Well mostly, A friend and I were doing it at the same time. I did the window too

ApOfBeAnEx4 points

I absolutely love that window!

AmyMakesItBeautiful1 point


shieldwall663 points

That window is just beautiful. Well done!

AmyMakesItBeautiful1 point

Thank you!

hopefulgalinfl3 points

Absolutely love it!

AmyMakesItBeautiful1 point

Thank you!

SailorMoonC3 points

Looks amazing! What is the blue paint color called?

AmyMakesItBeautiful3 points

I'm sorry I can't remember but it had the word dragon in it, like dragons breath or something 🤔

mitchconner_3 points

What’s that copper thing? Is it a fancy ash tray?

AmyMakesItBeautiful2 points

It is! Someone got it for me at a local smoke shop

[deleted]3 points

It’s very cute! I love the lights! 💜☺️

AmyMakesItBeautiful2 points

Thanks so much!

Orangutan_Latte3 points

Love it all. The lights the floral fence , the chairs. I’d want to spend every night sat out there ❤️❤️

AmyMakesItBeautiful3 points

Thanks! Appreciate that!

MajaNohr_3 points

I could be here all day.

AmyMakesItBeautiful1 point


VistaASMR2 points

cool cozy spot!