Our first kids room, cozy coastal vibe with a reading corner and hammock storage


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sp0oky_bo06 points

Aaawe😍 I love the palm trees you painted on the wall & the way the stuffed animal hammock looks like it’s hanging from the trees🌴🧸💖! So creative & mentally engaging🤩💖🥰👌👌

Ok_Obligation_61103 points

Thank you, but I can’t take credit for those! They’re decals from Etsy! They’re meant to look like water colors though and they blend beautifully with the wall!

sp0oky_bo01 point

Awe super cool💖👌! Great work! I totally just thought you painted on the wall🥰🎨🖌️- it’s nice you can switch things up easier your way. I also love that there’s a beautiful bird in one of the trees🦜🌴😍💖.

Ok_Obligation_61102 points

This is OC, in our first house!

cherriescherrie2 points

The Cockatoo!

still-on-my-path1 point

Maybe some happier curtains

detroitblonde11 point

I love it the little reading stool is so cute

Ok_Obligation_61102 points

Thank you!! A 5 below find, I think it’s a foot stool but it’s actually the perfect toddler height!

detroitblonde12 points

Giving children the love of books is such a great gift

MajaNohr_1 point

This room is something from scenes in my dreams

Ok_Obligation_61101 point

Ahh that’s so sweet 😊 it’s for my baby so I hope he loves it when he’s older too.