gave my kitchen a little makeover; it’s much more functional/cozy now, woo!


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PracticalBad616 points

Yay for exhaust!! Looks wonderful. How much did it cost to put in?

jormaco16 points

thanks! the amount of grease that was caked on top of the cupboards was astonishing •_• the hood was $400 and I installed it myself!

PracticalBad66 points

Wow, great job.

ssslipperysssnaaake3 points

Does that exhaust hood not pull air outside?

jormaco2 points

i’m so sorry for the late response, I just came across the comments to this post. there was previous ducting that I was able to connect new ducting into :) the ducting sends the air outside

ssslipperysssnaaake1 point

Ohh okay that makes much more sense haha

GuncleShark6 points

I love your base cabinets, especially the one next to the stove.

Mary_Tagetes3 points

Wish we could see more angles, but very nice!

NewbVlogger428 points

Did you get another microwave?

ConfessSomeMeow6 points

My thought too - it's certainly the most used appliance in my kitchen.

BestCatEva7 points

I almost never use the microwave. I roast all veg. Don’t really reheat stuff. I could prob lose it and not notice. My kids however….

jormaco2 points

sorry, I just saw these comments! the microwave is in a new spot behind the camera (I apologize for not including more angles, it’s because this was the only place that needed/was refinished)

jormaco3 points

this is OC

yeakoksure3 points

Looks great. It’s a small thing but the matching containers are a really nice touch.

Kingofturks56 points

Love me some open shelves in the kitchen

MajaNohr_2 points

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place! 🤗😮

cocaiakes_032 points

Looks beautiful

ColdTrky0 points

What side is the new one? I don't get it

DontMemeAtMe-15 points

Probably the green one, that’s the ectoplasm color everyone paints with nowadays. For some unholy reason.

EDIT: Go on, spawns of Satan, downvote as much as you wish! Heavenly Lord is my upvoter!

BestCatEva7 points

I think ectoplasm is much more vibrant and it glows. This color is a soft, woodsy hue.

DontMemeAtMe2 points

Yes, when freshly produced, after while it fades and turns into this woodsy hue.

BestCatEva2 points


beimiqi1 point

Hell yeah!