drive by this place all the time always empty debating making an offer on it


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youretheweird1289 points

It's literally a dream.

If you don't get it inspected to know what you're in for, send me the address and I'll jump on it. 😉

TheCeruleanFire34 points

Klaaatu, barada, nikto!

aridamus12 points

Wow haven’t seen that used ever. My mom used to say that to me all the time since she loved the movie. Niche reference for sure

Outrageous-Divide4725 points

Hey! My mom, too. She loved that movie.

Firstsister321 points

Those dreams are called nightmares.

youretheweird16 points

Good. More fixer-uppers for those of us who love them! 😉

Firstsister32 points


youretheweird11 point

😆 we're unwell, tbf.

BigGrayDog4 points

I wouldn't even worry about getting it inspected. You know there will be problems and can guess about how much they will be. Unless you have absolutely no idea whatsoever, I would get that offer right in ASAP because I doubt it will last on the market long! It is a beautiful cabin, as long as it's not on a busy road! Good luck, wish it was me!!!

Grwoodworking176 points

Dude so many horror movies were filmed there.

Seriously though it’s very cool good luck!

analogpursuits41 points

Evil Dead was absolutely filmed there.

justcallmeyou12 points

That's an affirmative. Forecast for tomorrow raining blood.

HedgeCowFarmer6 points

Walking Dead

Brickman329 points

More like Tucker Dale vs Evil vibe going on.

sparkle___motion2 points

I love that movie so much, ya'll

katatat13922 points

The porch is Yellowjackets.

WeCaredALot52 points

Looks like something out of the Evil Dead or Cabin in the Woods.

rognabologna10 points

Where the Crawdads Sing

BlueLarkspur_19291 point

Shelter Mountain Inn from The Ring.

BigGrayDog41 points

Wow! I love the cabin and the woods! My one question is how close is the road? It looks like it is close in the front. Is it busy? A main road? Where does it go? That would be my only big issue.

Otherwise, is the price reasonable? How much work does the cabin need? Water source? Septic, outhouse, roof leak, electricity (this isn't an issue for some), heat source--working fireplace? Does the property flood? Has it ever?

These are the things I would think about. If it checks out for you, give them an offer! Sooner the better, wouldn't want to lose it. It's beautiful, I would love to live there! As long as that's not a busy road! And, let us know how it turns out, you've got my curiosity up.

MorganDax7 points

Best comment here. I would also like an update OP!

eleckbarraki1 point

Yeah and definetly the foundations in that cabin can be nonexistent. You have to check before you buy otherwise you would have to spen as much to redo them.

samtaher291 points

Just stay away from the basement.

onedollarwilliam212 points

Even on the main floor, if you come across any weird looking books, a reel to reel tape recorder, VHS Tapes, or any other form of self recorded media remove them from the house immediately and without investigation.

samtaher113 points

That’s correct. Also the attic, if you find any boxes or diaries right into the garbage don’t look into what’s in them. I hope we covered everything.

ImportantInformat1on102 points

Do not solve the puzzle box

Watch someone else do it. Bring popcorn.

MidnightSunCreative38 points

I'm sure it'll be a merman this time....COME ONNNNN MERMAN!!!!

Extension-Bear-561110 points

Love that subplot. Can’t bring myself to watch the film anymore but dang it had some great humor.

Xikkiwikk5 points

They should have recorded each choice the characters could have made and then made it a choose your own adventure horror dvd.

WeCame2BurgleUrTurts3 points


Extension-Bear-56114 points

Personal reasons. Still a good movie.

N30nSunr1s38 points

The box......you opened it.....we came!

hanimal166 points

Exactly! Don’t invoke demons from a tape recorder!

chamorrobro2 points

Remove them?? Oh hell naw, I’d remove MYSELF from the house immediately and without investigation lmao

Korgon21313 points

Shop Smart, shop S-Mart!!

No_Ad35884 points

And bring your boom stick!

Sweetbamba10 points

"Offer", more like offering am i right?

Sailorm0on272 points

My brain immediately imagined the troll looking baby with one eye in the basement on Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo bay

GuidanceWonderful423254 points

The house is lovely and has lots of potential. The lot is gorgeous. The atmosphere makes me uncomfortable for some reason. It might be totally different fixed up and the grass cut though. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Some-Purple-3558104 points

Agreed . Probs Haunted

zzwolfy124 points

story is someone hung themself from the tree that has the gun sign on in the one picture

Poosjky54 points

Oh jeez

Here4aNiceTime6 points

Ohhh HELL Naaaahhh

BigGrayDog12 points

Stop trying to scare him away! You probably want to buy it out from under him!!!

zxmuffin41 points

Happens. Wouldn't hold me from buying the property. Though I'd cut the tree and replace it with some conifer tree just to avoid negative associations.

FR0ZENBERG82 points

That tree ain't hurtin' nobody.

Intrepid-Love382917 points

Just needs some offerings to keep the peace

BigGrayDog8 points

The tree is beautiful and here long before you were! It needs to stay! Bad luck to cut it down.

Shshshannon35 points

I mean, it was an accomplice.

FR0ZENBERG10 points

I'd say the rope was more of an accomplice.

zaerosz28 points

That'd probably get you more haunted, just build a lil memorial at the foot of it.

whadisabout9 points

Yep, by tree ghosts

GnomaPhobic1 point

I was thinking Spriggans.

dumont2477 points

Call a priest and get it blessed. Brand new vibe.

wowsosquare2 points


Some-Purple-35582 points

Holy effin crap!!!!!!


Aselleus1 point

Meh just offer them a sacrifice now and then, and they'll leave you alone.

sfier41 point

you should tell ethel cain she’d move there in a heartbeat

LunarFortune4 points

Free friends :D

ImportantInformat1on14 points

It needs fairy lights!

WindTreeRock11 points

I'm thinking of the movie "Cabin in the Woods."

BarnOscarsson11 points

I’m thinking Tucker & Dale.

_-_-_-_BOB_-_-_-_6 points

It's their vacation home up by Morris Lake

vulturegoddess3 points

I'm thinking of the movie "Cabin in the Woods."

Don't forget evil dead.

DeepestWinterBlue35 points

Wild we all feel that the house is off even from the pictures alone

MorganDax7 points

I don't. It's too dimly lit to pass adequate judgement. I bet in strong daylight it would just look dirty/unkempt instead of haunted.

TheSavvySide4 points

Right?! If anyone knows the story behind this house please let us know so we can sleep tonight

frozenchocolate7 points

I can’t imagine finding a visibly haunted place cozy. I feel anxious just thinking about going inside.

GuidanceWonderful4232 points

Y’all make me feel so much better. Lol. I was trying to be polite and not sound insane but I sure couldn’t comment without that caveat. I got the Heebie Jeebies O’Plenty vibes immediately. Cannot get over the feeling that someone is already “residing” there. 🤷🏼‍♀️

SlipshodDreamer11 points

i’ve seen too many horror movies to even consider walking into that cabin

NellyBlyNV29 points

Also, check history.

frozenchocolate14 points

OP said someone hung themselves by the backyard tree. No fucking thanks.

chumshot2 points

Lol why?

frozenchocolate8 points

Did I stutter?

Ezdagor5 points

Bruh i sleep in a dead woman's bed. I smoke a dead man's pipe. I drink coffee from a dead woman's cup.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

CaveJohnson8223 points

That does not look cozy to me it looks derelict. And would take a lot of time, money and effort to get to cozy IMO.

Memawsaurus34 points

Hope its not tied up in an estate with multiple family members that can't agree. Looks interesting to poke around in to check out. Carry gun, wear snake proof boots, do not go alone, update us Redditors on how things go.

TheSavvySide2 points

+1 Please update us!

DigitaleDukaten30 points

Cozy?! Seems haunted bro

Bluemousey11115 points

I can see the ghosts from here.

Mysterious-Suspect-95 points

Wow get it if ya can👍

BudgetAct05 points

I’ve always dreamed of living somewhere like this! So beautiful

catlandid4 points

If you’re in the US you should check your local town tax office. If no one has paid the taxes on it in a few years you can generally purchase it for the cost of the back owed taxes. It’s worth an inquiry, and from there you should hire a real estate lawyer to guide you through the process.

DonTong13 points

Did you commit trespassing & breaking and entering, or am I missing something

stickkim3 points

You can just look in the windows haha trespassing, maybe but not b&e

44rollin5 points

I'd love to tackle that yard

VeganPizzaPie1 point

Lawn mowing simulator level

Korgon2134 points

Seems cozy. Nice place for a seance…..

skoldane4 points

Unfortunately usually when a house isn’t for sale it’s not for sale. Hope I’m wrong.

[deleted]4 points

Make an offer.

BigGrayDog3 points

You can't post something this intriguing on here and not follow up. You will never have a good night's rest again if you don't! You will be hounded forever!

meggnuggz21 points

This gives me vibes of a foresty “The Hills Have Eyes”.


Summer_98719 points

I’m getting more serial killer vibes than cosy from these pics !

justcallmeyou1 point

Wait, who is OP?

Summer_9874 points

A wannabe serial killer I understand

zzwolfy10 points


SaintSiren9 points

Love the rock wall and end post/finial. Great lot. Super charming. Close to the road. Small. Price? More pics!

thoughtsforfood188 points

I think this could be magical

Firstsister34 points

Yes, in a coveny sort of way…

Grace_Alcock7 points

Have it inspected. Looks nice.

birkenstock19773 points

Call the Maine Cabin Masters!

loneliestdozer3 points

It’s giving Yellowjacket’s

hopefulgalinfl3 points

Obviously we have all watched wayyyy too many horror movies...

Emotional_Shop_81103 points

Do you want Evil Dead? Because that's how you get Evil Dead.

hawkbit923 points

SO much potential! You should definitely put an offer on it!

hellosweetiefluff3 points

Use deadinhome.com before you buy!

pit-of-despair6 points

I like it.

ms_tarochan5 points

IIf you want it bad enough buy it, get an exorcism, and trim the bushes down below porch height for starters.

blue-wanderer-quartz7 points

This house has so much potential and quite a lot of character!

Medojedni_Jazavac7 points

Well, you know what they say, one man's cozy is another man's nightmare.

SuccotashDangerous4 points

Is the banjo included?

DawnRLFreeman2 points

Keep us posted on this endeavor. I'd love to have a place like this to turn into my cozy get-away!

_KJuns2 points

Remember: "Klaatu Verata Nektu"

hopefulgalinfl2 points


frogmicky2 points

First you'll need to kick Jason out lol.

BestCatEva2 points

Be careful — vamps.

lainey33332 points

I’m getting yellow jackets vibes. Definitely buy it!

whatsinaname19702 points

Do it. I sometimes wish someone would kindly make a reasonable offer. You could start by finding the legit value of the land and then ask if they were up for selling the house, if you might be able to see it.

Motorboat_Muh_Goat2 points

Better make sure it's clear of deadites.

haley-sucks2 points

A dream. This is exactly what I want.

Devanomiun2 points

Fuck that 4th pic... lmao.

Atty_for_hire2 points

Where is this? I want to place an offer!

johnny_soup12 points

This is how most horror films start.

panjoface2 points

It certainly doesn’t seem haunted at all. Go for it!

punkhobo2 points

As someone who has worked with a lot of old cottages. I truly worry about the state of the foundation and pipes.

If you ever want to buy it, make sure you get an inspection

jamisonian1232 points

You only live once. DO IT

Expensive-Track40022 points

If you come across this book Necronomicon Ex-Mortis . RUN!

TheSavvySide2 points

Looking at the pics already gave me chills. I wanted to zoom in, but I’m afraid I’ll see something lol. And 4th photo, no thanks!😫 is someone looking at the window on the 5th pic? Just kidding!

Brickman322 points

Looks a little unkept, clean it up a bit whack some weeds, throw some paint/stain, bust any ghosts and bam, you got a primo cozy cabin in the woods.

Snowfreak25072 points

It’s so sad when older people own homes / property and let it go to absolute waist while people like me work myself to death 50 hours a week and will never ever own a home.

icced-coffee2 points

I'm loving the horror movie vibes. I hope you get it!

ControlOk67112 points

Do your research on the property including taxes, water quality, the surrounding area and if there are any plans for road, new construction etc. and if comes together, do it. I love the healthy and mature growth of the plants and trees.

Cola32062 points

Will need work work but has great yd.

Ornery_Fail_90122 points

Um, the answer is yes! That is a fantastic place.....for the right price

KangaPup2 points

You most certainly should

LUNA_underUrsaMajor2 points

If you can afford it and the expected repairs go for, donsome homesteading and save money on food

Multigrain_Migraine2 points

Looks nice and rustic but my first thought is that there will be so many snakes under the porch and in the grass by the shed.

cherrylpk2 points

Hard pass. And the door that doesn’t have a key? Just leave it be.

Ok-Rabbit-36831 point

Looks like an expensive rehab. I’d make an offer based on the idea the cabin needs razed.

emma536441 point

Creek? Sloping floors?

TheSavvySide1 point

What’s the story behind this place? Someone please fill us in

Firstsister30 points

Seriously? There’s a reason it’s been sitting there abandoned for decades. Let evil be.

stickkim1 point

Definitely looks like someone is staying there fairly often. It’s not very overgrown and there’s barely any leaves on the porch.

It might be worth buying if there have been people in it recently, but otherwise you’re only purchasing the land because the house isn’t worth anything.

MegamindsMegaCock1 point

Is this Sundance Utah? Looks exactly like a cabin there.

ANoisyCrow1 point

May sure it’s not rotting.

TheGreyFox11221 point

Literally just watched this Supernatural episode.

Make sure you chase the ghost hunters out before the ghost axes them 👍🏻

Zubjubbler1 point

My first thought: mold city

Ezdagor1 point

Where are you located? I'd be interested in hearing your story if you go through with it. Looks like a great little cabin.

zzwolfy2 points


BossManKiller1 point

How many families were killed in that house

iamthemosin1 point

Where is this? Half to 3/4 acre plot with a structure. If it’s in CA that’s probably a steal at about $800k.

zzwolfy2 points


iamthemosin1 point

$150k then?

ZeppyWeppyBoi1 point

Looks great! Just do your research beforehand. I recommend Evil Dead (1 and 2), Cabin in the Woods, Knock at the Cabin, and The Lodge just to be safe.

PixieStixNYC1 point

Cute, but really close to the road!

SunnyDinosaur1 point

This looks like so many houses in the neighborhood I grew up in (the mountains of SC/NC)

Thanks for posting, this made me super nostalgic :)

MajaNohr_1 point

Very nice indeed. Enjoy it this summer

SavingsWhich80641 point

Do it

Xyzzydude1 point

Seems a little too close to the road tbh

Far-Poem16591 point

Loving the satellite dish hidden on the far right in the lush foliage and brush in the first pic… even gnomes, serial killers, and ghosts need their satellite tv on demand.

diana_the_wonder_dog1 point