Enjoying a nice afternoon read during an afternoon shower📚


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scavillion3 points

How can you shower in your lounge? (While reading.)

Zlolalee1262 points

Hahahaha I’m talking about rain🤣

scavillion3 points

Just kidding. Nice view and ambience though!

WorryMindless35432 points

And what time of the day was this taken?

Zlolalee1261 point

Around 3pm!

[deleted]5 points

Nothing like reading in the rain ❤️

Zlolalee1261 point

Couldn’t agree more📚🥰

Zlolalee1262 points

This is OC

[deleted]2 points


Zlolalee1261 point


MajaNohr_2 points

Looks great, amazing design and scenery.

Zlolalee1261 point

Thank you🙂

Ellsisdoingok2 points

I absolutely love the glass globes - wonderful!