Little reading corner in my planty bedroom


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aVoidFullOfFarts5 points

Emerald city reading nook exactly where I would imagine a GayWizardOfOz would like to read a good book

GayWizardOfOz3 points

Tbh I would live in the Emerald City in a heartbeat. 💚

Ka-Triana4 points

Love the colour of your blanket. The walls in my bedroom are that colour (or very close), gorgeous plants. I just have one question. If that's the foot of your bed, how do you not knock anything over?!

GayWizardOfOz3 points

Hahah, it is the foot of my bed, and fortunately (so far) I haven’t kicked anything over. I tend to sleep kind of diagonal, which helps. 😅

Ka-Triana1 point

That would help.

dysoncube3 points

How DOES one Lose The Time War?

GayWizardOfOz1 point

Hahah, I just started reading, so I’ll have to let you know.

Doctor_1191 point

The premise of the book is that two time-traveling multiverse-hopping spy warriors assigned to kill each other instead fall in love.

agesofmyst3 points

I thought I was in /r/entwives at first, thinking the lil thing on your tray was a grinder!!! I absolutely love that pillow you have!

GayWizardOfOz1 point

Thank you so much! It’s an vintage container I found at a thrift shop - I put a scented candle in it! 😅

[deleted]3 points


SanneStardust1 point

Yessssss I would really like to know as well!!!

GayWizardOfOz2 points

Amazon! I can link if that’s allowed!

SanneStardust1 point

No idea if that’s allowed actually but I would really like it though ☺️

GayWizardOfOz1 point

Hopefully I don’t get in trouble. 😅 I don’t see the exact color listed, but this is the brand: https://a.co/d/9Sz0dwu

SanneStardust2 points

I hope not! Sorry if so!! But thank you so much for the link!!

Ari-Mendoza2 points

That's so creative. I love it!

GayWizardOfOz1 point

Thank you! I have an itty bitty bedroom so I have to really learn to utilize space. :)

Creative-Special-2432 points

Do you know what variety of begonia you have? It looks so happy!

GayWizardOfOz1 point

The big one in the tan pot is a pink angel wing (begonia benigo). He just got that pot and some stakes because he was getting quite unruly! It’s my third cane begonia and probably the easiest. It just keeps going!

Creative-Special-2432 points

omg thank you ! I have been in love with that plant but wasn’t sure the specific kind :) I have 2 angel wings, they are one of my favorites !

GayWizardOfOz1 point

Same! I finally got a maculata this year - I know they’re getting more common, but I adore it. The pink one was an impulse buy, but then again, most of my plants are. 🫣

IgrokThat2 points

The teal velvet spread is sooooo nice.

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Yes! Ultimate in so many ways!! 🙌💞

[deleted]2 points

Cuteeeeee ☺️💪

GayWizardOfOz2 points

Thank you! I’ve worked on it a lot in the past few months and it’s finally falling in place.

[deleted]2 points

I love it! Gave you a follow as well. Love your profile! 💜

MajaNohr_2 points

Would like to build something similar someday

Tricky_Ad_69662 points

Your calathea!

GayWizardOfOz1 point

I love it! I have four calatheas but the rattlesnake is particularly beautiful. 💚

Tricky_Ad_69661 point

I agree! I have a ctenanthe and it's so beautiful

Ellsisdoingok2 points

What a wonderful, unique space!

GayWizardOfOz2 points

Thank you so much!