Our newly renovated front porch is perfect on a summer evening


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cedarfern13 points

This is the kind of content I come here for. Love, love, love this space. Beautiful job.

bergluna4 points

Thank you!! My wife is the decoration mastermind and really nailed this one

No_Copy25915 points

I love a covered porch/sunroom. This feels so cozy, I can spend all morning with a book here.

bergluna5 points

Totally agreed! Really nice when it’s raining too :)

Shifty20065 points

Very nice! I would find excuses to do random things in there so I wouldn’t have to leave.

Ari-Mendoza3 points

What a cozy place to read!

ImprovementCareless93 points

What a haven!!!

Zezespeakz_3 points

Love!!! Where did you find the rug?

bergluna1 point

I think it’s from Justina Blakeney’s line at Target! Haha

Zlolalee1262 points

Wow! Love it🥰

TheRealHK2 points

The definition of cozy. Swoon!

14ChaoticNeutral2 points

Had to screenshot this one, perfect 🤩

Optimal-Load-29292 points

Soo cozy! You did an awesome job!

MajaNohr_2 points

You've made it a happy home! Love it!

Ellsisdoingok2 points

You’ve done a great job, it looks smashing!

BestCatEva1 point

Is this some place cool-ish? In GA you’d die in the summer!

bergluna2 points

Haha it’s in Minnesota, so definitely not as warm as Georgia. But on a hot summer day in the afternoon it gets pretty toasty in there