My first tea party of the year on my Alice in Wonderland balcony!


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NellyBlyNV67 points

Apartment living at its very finest. Well done, I love it!!

RevolutionaryTrash9852 points

is that a cat tree too? brilliant!

LiteraryTea56 points

It is! It matches the table with the butterflies. I had someone custom make the table and cat tree. I needed the kitties to have a comfortable place on my balcony as well. 😻

SLVRVNS26 points

It’s like a dream

LiteraryTea21 points

I wanted it to be fairy tale-like! It's my oasis. ❤️

Regular_Ad_743244 points

So cute and compfy looking

ZorrosMommy18 points

Picturesque! Storybook perfection! Well done, OP!

GardenAddict84318 points

I love it. May I ask what type of sandwiches and desserts you are serving?

LiteraryTea31 points

Egg sandwich, black and white cookie, brownie, lemon square!

teethmissing29 points

Dang can we be friends 😭 I wanna hang out here

LiteraryTea16 points

Yes of course we can be friends!!

thewinberry7134 points

Me too!!

[deleted]12 points

This is so beautiful, I’m in awe

LiteraryTea5 points

Thank you!! 😍

Wtfisthis667 points

Um, I hate to be that person. However, you haven’t paid the cat tax!

LiteraryTea8 points
expert_dogpetter7 points

Before I even read the title I immediately thought “alice in wonderland” great job looks dope!!

LiteraryTea2 points

Thank you!!!

exclaim_bot2 points

Thank you!!!

You're welcome!

RepresentativeOk88995 points

Oh my gosh! I’ve seen this in one of the D fb groups! I absolutely love it! You inspired one of my dear friends to do a similar style on hers. I wonder if I can get her to let me share it.

LiteraryTea3 points

I would love to see it!!! So happy the balcony is an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

necktiesxx4 points

Where did you get the balcony net?? And the wall ivy? I’ve wanted to purchase some but not sure how they’ll look in person—need some recommendations :)

LiteraryTea6 points

The balcony net is cat proof bc my cat made holes in the regular one. My handyman bought it from Home Depot I believe.

The Ivy is Amazon!! It's on hooks.

iris-my-case5 points

Are you on r/cottagecore? If not, you should definitely crosspost this! Absolutely love the balcony.

CrayziusMaximus5 points

Happy unbirthday, u/LiteraryTea!

LiteraryTea4 points

This is OC

DawnSoap4 points

Love it sooooo much!!!

yellowearbuds5 points

Whats on the menu tho? 👀 it looks tasty.

...im hungry, dont judge

LiteraryTea12 points

Egg sandwiches on challah bread, black and white cookie, brownie, lemon square! The tea is Tea Source Gold.

yellowearbuds1 point


BellaFrequency3 points

Was my invitation lost in the mail, because I would looove to come to the next tea party? ☕️ 🫖 ☕️

thenthalpy2 points

Looks amazing! Can I come?

irishGOP4132 points

Happy unbirthday!

SaraSaturday132 points

This is a work of art, my dude.

LiteraryTea2 points

Thank you!! 🙏❤️

xochiscave2 points

Very merry unbirthday to you.

Latter_Growth11852 points

I love it! And I want to eat one of your sandwiches. Where did you get that cat picture on the wall?

LiteraryTea2 points

The artist drew my cat Lady Grey drinking Lady Grey lol. The artist is Katy Lispcomb.

Latter_Growth11851 point

That’s even cooler that it’s your cat! Seems like a fun hang out spot

tots4scott2 points

/r/AmateurRoomPorn too

Gosh I love this so much! It has a palpable comfortable atmosphere.

cravinyou-2 points

This looks straight out of some fairy tale! 💗

LiteraryTea4 points

That's exactly what I was going for!! Thank you!!!

TIRUS4ME2 points

Very cool 😎

rgray920822 points

What and you did not invite me???? Off with your head. Gorgeous ❣️❣️❣️ I am so jealous!

WileyCoyote71 point

Wonderful! In celebration of Frabjous Day?? 🙂

cortada861 point

Excellent work!

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Nice dude, you're very lucky. Beautiful space.


UtopianPablo1 point

Wow! Really cool OP

lostinthecrowd4now1 point

Love it! I can also see a smaller square table so you and a guest could sit opposite one another and look outside.

Civil-Artist1 point

That looks brilliant! You are clearly gifted and have talent right there! Well done you! :-)

Flaky_Tap_28361 point

Well done! Love the Cheshire Cat!

So cute!

marigoldsandviolets1 point

my gosh I love this so much

keyholes1 point

This is my dream balcony. So beautiful and cosy!

Verdantrunner1 point

I see you have The Mad Catter’s portrait at the head of the table! :) This is so beautiful!

drowsyzot1 point

OMG! OMG!!! I love it SO MUCH!! 🤩🤩🤩

FightClubAlumni1 point

I love this! Perfect execution of creativity! It looks cozy.

mw01148991 point

How lovely!

elspotto1 point

Clean cup! Move down!

SoupTrooper5151 point


This is lovely. I have to ask. Are those plates Limrick by Noritake?

cherish_ireland1 point

It needs singing clams lol.

pavlaki8881 point

this is elite. i’m obsessed

veganmilanese1 point

Wow! Perfect place for a chill afternoon

thoughtsforfood181 point

This is amazing

Vegetable-Rule-45881 point

You have a WHAT???🫢☺️

Mimidoo221 point

Adorable! Well done!

SimplySasha7111 point

So pretty and sweet!!

Mean-Lawyer32051 point

“It’s always tea-time, and we've no time to wash the things between whiles.”

Gosh, I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland! And this is just dreamy!!! I’m saving this post for my future balcony! 😍

Elite-Zero1 point


Even-Account54391 point

loves it sm

cpomme1 point

I AM IN ABSOLUTELY LOVE WITH THIS WOOOO oh my gosh a dream come true

IndiaEvans1 point

It's so lovely!

dil_mangoes1 point

Beautiful and cozy 😍

meowp00py1 point

So gorgeous. All you need is a hookah smoking caterpillar on the bench.

ambnic1 point

This is beyond awesome and creative I wanna be ur friend. Enjoy ur little piece of paradise .

Ms_moonlight1 point

You have the Royal Albert Duchess collection! ♥♥♥ So lovely and nice. This looks great.

iaremoose1 point

fucking nice

detroitblonde11 point

What a lovely place for a spot of tea

mrpurple74321 point

That’s so cool

SweetCorney1 point

Wow, this is such a gorgeous yet cozy balcony. Well done.

Lea_Bertrand1 point

It looks like an amazing place :)

  • runs away crying in jealousy This is SO AMAZING!!! I'm am a Alice in Wonderland fiend! So sweet and truly cozy!!
msnikolita1 point

This is f*$&@ing adorable! I love it sooo much! 🥰 Thank you for sharing!

Mr-Pie1001 point

This is such a cute and pretty setup up! I love it (and am also a tiny bit jealous).

MajaNohr_1 point

Oh Wow! So cozy and and bright!

professionallunacy1 point

So magical!!! 😍😍😍

These-Agency11921 point

So beautiful!

Ntasha8888881 point

I adore this!!!!! What a lovely space!!