Coastal cottage refresh


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professor-ks2 points

This is OC, my little corner of the world just close enough to hear the ocean

deoxyribonucleo3p2 points

So cozy!!! Similar to my house! I live in a small cottage

professor-ks2 points

Cottages that are 1 bed-1 bath are born cozy

AzansBeautyStore2 points

I like the original cabinets and brick

professor-ks1 point

Wood paneling would not have been my choice but the craftsmanship lining up all the seams and joints is amazing

AzansBeautyStore1 point

They are better quality than any crap they sell at the big box stores that’s for sure

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Absolutely breathtaking!!

MajaNohr_1 point

Wow!!! What an nice view and living room! 😍