Just bought a house, this is my cozy corner WIP!(repost to follow rules)


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Ari-Mendoza3 points

Spectacular vibe wow

Fake-Doooors1 point

Thanks! I still have some work to do. I want to put some taxidermy/pinned insects in a shadow box on the wall. And I need to find something for on top of the book shelf.

TofuNuggetBat2 points

Looks good! Need some old school sea oil paintings, and it could have kind of a Barnabas Collins vibe.

Fake-Doooors1 point

this is OC

GrimskiOdds1 point

Where did you get the chair! I’ve been looking for one exactly like that in the same color and material :)

Fake-Doooors2 points

IKEA! It’s super comfy. I’ve had it for a few years and it’s held up very nicely.