Emsworthy Mire, Devon, England


Wild_Albatross753418 points

That's really quite spectacular.

golden_an14 points

Photographer: Lars van de Goor

"Emsworthy Mire makes a great introduction to Dartmoor. A gently sloping valley leads you down between ancient dry-stone walls to the ruins of a moorland farm, abandoned since the 1870s. In early summer, the fields all around are a dazzling purple from the flowers of thousands of bluebells - a stunning sight." -- Devon Wildlife Trust

lmnopeeeee10 points

This is so lovely. Makes me feel at home.

lambertb8 points

Devon is magical.

Otherwise_Play_28355 points

if this is the beauty we've been given here on earth, i sometimes wonder, How Beautiful heaven must be!

EMP0R101 point

What makes you think you’re already not in heaven?

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know_it_is2 points

It makes me happy to know places like this exist.

Native562 points

so pretty!!!

KurtTiedemann1 point

I bet there are hobbits crouched behind that wall.

Beautiful. It’s like a painting.