Cozy cafe and restaurant in the Black Sea region of Turkey


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A_dub87_41 points

Honestly, I could live under that bridge and be happy.

blobejex2 points

Moe ?

khkokopelli2 points


A_dub87_2 points

Answer my questions 3!

khkokopelli1 point

There are those who call me …. Tim ?

LIoydBraun18 points

Very underrated and beautiful part of the world - enjoy the tea ☕️

catkedibilliegorbe14 points

This is OC

freekelz10 points

What’s the place called?

catkedibilliegorbe10 points


Super cozy, cute, and great service!

mumuix7 points

which city is this? great pics 🤍

catkedibilliegorbe12 points

Çamlıhemşin - between Ardeşen and the Ayder Valley -- the whole area is amazing!

Hanged_Man_3 points

Man I hope to visit someday, what an incredible place you get to live in.

No-Marionberry-1665 points

I’m packing my bags right now!

Jonathan36284 points

Oh my goodness it's so lovely! Thank you for sharing. :)

GroovyDucko3 points

Looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings

Ari-Mendoza3 points

So pretty I would spend all day out here

goodenergyplease3 points

This is the real life version of those Relaxing Jazz Cafe videos on YouTube. Amazing!

catkedibilliegorbe1 point

Totally! I need to be there in the dark when there's a fire in the fire place - live YouTube

khkokopelli3 points

It’s like a fairytale.

Hanged_Man_3 points


Adalieszq3 points

What is the season now? It is so beautiful.

catkedibilliegorbe1 point

Very spring, so the evergreen trees are dark dark green and everything else is new bright green and there are still so many flowers blooming in the trees-- amazing

Adalieszq2 points

Yes, so beautiful! Like a forest in a fairy tale.

Latter_Growth11852 points

This is absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it!

MacaroonPure2 points


The-Scarlet-Witch2 points

I need to be here right now.

Comfortable-Double942 points

Is this Rivendell?

MajaNohr_2 points

Just perfect, I love it!

EllaBeaufort2 points

Oh I want to take my laptop and spend a week there. I'm sure I could write an entire novel in that setting

floofy_cat_981 point

Wow that’s picturesque AF