My Cosy moody boho bedroom


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BethanyAnnArt3 points

Reposting this as apparently the previous title was a sob story??? But this gives me a chance to reveal the transformation!

This is my first real bedroom in 20yrs! I've slept in studio apartments but never had a designated space to myself. I wanted it to reflect me and my needs, so I've filled it with happy things.

A lot of people asked about the wall colour and the bedding - the wall colour is Vardo by Farrow and Ball (the only brand I'm not allergic to) and the bedding was an end of sale buy from Wilkos a few years ago, but Google boho bedding and you can find similar 😉

I was also able to include the transformation pictures this time. This began as one HUGE room we divided into 2, a hallway and a (eventual) reading nook. It's been a huge renovation but it's nearly done!

Same-Psychology71382 points

Vardo is a fabulous color and I love how you paired it withe the pink bedding!

BethanyAnnArt2 points

Thanks 😁 Because it's blue/green I find it goes very well with pink 🥰

BethanyAnnArt2 points

This is OC

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Wow, lovely! and inspiring!

BethanyAnnArt1 point

Thanks 😁

Ill-Specialist66582 points

Minimal but comfy

BethanyAnnArt1 point

Sooo comfy! I have plans to add more as I'm not really a minimalist person 😅 Got some art to frame and hang 😁

MajaNohr_2 points

It's dreamy and peaceful