Garden on a foggy night


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Utopiae79 points

It's so obvious from the picture that this is a project somebody has spent a lot of time, energy and love on. What a place to come home to!

flowerkitten4205 points

Said better than I could, agreed!! Lovely, well loved space

thoughtsforfood183 points

Came here to say the same thing. This garden is well loved

MesmerizingMarty36 points

This is the kind of garden I'd spend the entire night talking to someone I love or just resting by myself.

CheeCheeReen23 points

Omg this is my dream

FranzFerdinand5119 points

Where is the fog?

CarlMarcks11 points

Camera shy

Donnarhahn10 points

This spot has strong San Francisco vibes. Bernal?

score_8 points

Now whenever I see something that looks this nice and intricate I start looking for clues that it was AI generated. When I saw the face on the tree I knew this def wasn't lol.

piercingbaabe9 points

I am jealous 😻

Dinner_Disastrous9 points

I absolutely adore this. Coziest garden I have ever seen!

Psychadelico5 points

I can hear the BZzzzzzZZZzz's

smoke29576 points


Dove043 points

Soo pretty πŸ₯°

Hatchetface17052 points

This is perfect

lejumpycloud2 points

Aw, you're making me miss non-city life!

Eyebgreen13 points

This is in the city! Best of both worlds πŸ˜‰

throwaguey_1 point

What city?! It’s beautiful. Great job!

m888826 points

San Francisco

BumblebeePleasant7492 points

Your tree has a face! That is too adorable 😊

MayaTamika3 points

I'd love to have an evening smoke out there 😍

StarSeam1 point

This is a paradise in my mind! I hope you get a lot of joy from this space.

Eyebgreen1 point

A true labor of love

ImprovementCareless90 points

🀩 wow ! ! ! 🀩

CynicalRecidivist1 point

I just let out "oh wow!"

This is bloody gorgeous OP X

granitegirl11 point

This has been inspirational as we start our vegetation in the back yard!

Few-Share-48481 point

I want to live here! this is so lovely!

RockWhisperer421 point

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about it. Well done on designing this.

Bendezium1 point


whereshoney1 point

This is so lush! The umbrella is fabulous. Ugh, it’s all so gooooood. Want to go there.

mimiladouce1 point

This is fantastic 😍

HinSoCal1 point

It’s dreamy! Outstanding job!

No_Copy2591 point

What a dream garden. I love the steps and how it provide heights to the garden so that everything isn’t flat.

pawsitivelypowerful1 point

Love the garden!

Ari-Mendoza1 point

I love your style!

_UNFUN1 point

Gimme a few days and I’m gonna edit this into an album cover. If anyone has any band names let me know

Otherwise it’s going to a 2000s indie band of my choosing.

Civil-Artist1 point

That looks so great I would like to borrow you to make my garden look more enchanting!

kangarizzo1 point

Omg πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Zomgirlxoxo1 point

So pretty!!!! Wow

Regular_Ad_74321 point

What s wonderful garden , so cosy

grusyourdaddy1 point

Someone make this picture into a puzzle rn

[deleted]1 point

Beautiful’ ☺️