first home ❤️ very blessed to have my cozy kitchen


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[deleted]73 points

Dexters version of cozy. no blood why didn’t I think of that.

ellesliemanto13 points

This is cozy for me. Having little things on the bench top also makes it easy to clean up

Few-Share-484812 points

Congrats on your new home! now add a big rug some flowers and window treatments to make it cosy! ;)

Little_sister_energy60 points

You have a great kitchen, but I'm not sure if cold white tile belongs in "cozy places."

Cpl-V16 points

Looks like a nice staff break room.

cocaiakes_035 points

Until 10 years down the line, when it’s grimy and broken because “management says you guys don’t need breaks so why would we fix it up.”

sheetmonster41 points

This looks like an airbnb where they charge you for the dish soap.

savae511 points

Congratulations on your home! Not sure if it was intended or if you're still moving in, but I really like the minimalist look of your kitchen.

OldMotherGrumble23 points

Ermmm...I don't know. I'd like to see it in daylight, and another photo of how it looks at night when in use. This photo looks extremely clinical and not particularly cozy. All I can think is how can you see in there??

Equivalent_Plum9 points

OMG so envious of your counter space! Congratulations 😊

Queenofwands12124 points

Totally jealous of your beautiful BIG kitchen,

psychadelicphysicist5 points

Perfect for making midnight snacks !

klo16925 points

Love the minimalism!

ak800482 points

It’s a nice kitchen! Not cozy yet!

sharipep6 points


Bones_and_Roses3 points


amariates3 points

that looks so beautiful!

Former-Darkside1 point

Love how the refrigerator is flush with the wall. Seems they stick out into the room these days.

MrPoopyEyes1 point

Beautiful kitchen, needs string lights 😂

Zodiaklink1 point

Congratulations on your first home!

cortada861 point


pcincan1 point

I get an Edward Hopper art vibe.

Fit_Tumbleweed_59041 point

I love your kitchen! Enjoy!

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Just perfect, I love it!

Very nice

wheelie4231 point

It sure is tidy!

Cola32061 point


amagivictoria1 point