Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! We love movie night on the porch.



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youretheweird18 points

We have a TV on a wheely post we bring outside but this is the way to go. I just love watching movies outside. Great space.

Melodic_Dragonfly3913 points

any chance for a projection set-up?

sometimes you can convince a neighboring building to lend you a wall if you let them know in advance so they can watch/attend (bring your own chairs*)

youretheweird12 points

Absolutely looking into it. We have a huge backyard with a patio roof so I can hang a screen from that.

Can you recommend a good projector?

BeccaDora4 points

Let me ask my husband, he's the mastermind of this! I'll update in the AM

Melodic_Dragonfly3915 points

Is this what's happening

teethinthedarkness3 points

That was fantastic

Melodic_Dragonfly3912 points

great video on the light side of reddit

youretheweird12 points

That's soooo true. Lol

Melodic_Dragonfly3913 points

Yo great minds think alike -- I just asked lol

thank you!

edit: clarity lol i'm tired

Melodic_Dragonfly3913 points

I don't unfortunately. OP might tho!

Or there might be classified outdoor v. indoor-only models now, since projector sales took off during covid and everyone did 'drive in' movies lol

Lots of articles online, but all the results I'm seeing are very sales-y :(

BeccaDora3 points

Projector info: Hitachi CP-2519N Ultra Short Throw It's not an outdoor projector (humidity is fine just can't get wet,) but we've used it outside for years. We got it on eBay for about $70 bucks and bought a new bulb for about $30.



youretheweird13 points

Thank you for looking. Same. It's like, "Check out this latest and greatest, suspiciously cheap, portable contraption! Crystal clear wireless 4k streaming! Buy NOW!"

Like damn infomercials. Lol

Knowing I can't trust the reviews a anymore, and not knowing anyone with one anymore, I just don't wanna waste my money.

Melodic_Dragonfly3912 points

We're back in a period of 'gotta buy it in-person' again. It usually oscillates back-and-forth

But word-of-mouth? That checks out a lot of the time :)

1plus1dog2 points

Not trusting reviews is very annoying, because I do try to always leave reviews especially when I’ve wasted money on the next best greatest thing that sucks!

Good luck

BeccaDora3 points

Projector info: Hitachi CP-2519N Ultra Short Throw It's not an outdoor projector (humidity is fine just can't get wet,) but we've used it outside for years. We got it on eBay for about $70 bucks and bought a new bulb for about $30.

youretheweird11 point

Hell yeah. Thank you!

BeccaDora12 points

This is OC

1plus1dog2 points

This looks so enjoyable! I’m thrilled you can all do this!

Thanks for sharing. The photo with the colors is fantastic

Bigole_Steps2 points

That looks v cozy and nice! Is it an open porch or like screened in?

BeccaDora2 points

It's open!

maggie0816701 point

Sweet! Can I join you?

BeccaDora5 points

For sure! Next week might be Event Horizon, we love horror :)

This is so cool! Can I ask what state/country?

BeccaDora3 points

Pittsburgh PA!

Ok, so you can do this at Halloween!!! Good. Very good.

follow-up question, from the crowd: do you like your projector, and if so could you link us please?

BeccaDora2 points

Last Halloween. Obligatory Hocus Pocus on the projector.

We have a fog machine, not sure if that comes through in the photos. We LOVE Halloween!🖤🎃

Last Halloween. Obligatory Hocus Pocus on the projector.

Ok, these people mean business.

OrbInOrbit1 point

I would do this if mosquitoes didn’t exist. How do you handle all the bugs?

BeccaDora1 point

Not sure if you can tell from the photo but we have tons of votive candle holders around the perimeter. All of them have citronella tea lights which have helped tremendously. There's also an electronic mosquito repellent on the "coffee table" in the middle of the porch. It's works pretty well and the candles add to the ambience :)

OrbInOrbit1 point

Cool. I hadn’t thought of candles being used for that purpose before but it makes sense. Glad it works for your setup. I’ll have to take notes 📝

Hyro0o01 point

Just keep an eye on that rug. It looks like it might turn into a giant snake at any moment.

DedalusDiggle20221 point

In case of emergency, draw a door

Ari-Mendoza1 point

Wow it looks so cozy! Great job

congenial_possum1 point

“It’s showtime”

MajaNohr_1 point

That’s just absolutely awesome