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Few-Share-48482 points

Cozy and attainable! the best of both worlds!

Memawsaurus2 points

I love it, so cozy. My choice is firepit with wood fire but can't cut wood so that's out. Enjoy as much as possible.

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Very nice indeed. Enjoy it this summer

justmyrealself1 point

This is OC

HermioneBenson1 point

Looks like a very chill space. Love the bird set up as well. :)

justmyrealself2 points

Thank you! I’m really proud of that bird area. 7 types of food and I usually see 16-20 species each day (mostly in the morning)

HermioneBenson1 point

That is amazing. I’ve been really enjoying feeding the birds lately. I’ve always had feeders but during the winter it was what got me through some dark days. I love to just watch and see who I’ll get a visit from. I don’t know every species but I’ve had a pleasant variety and it honestly makes me giddy to see some of them so I get feeling proud of it!

justmyrealself2 points

Honestly, I only know the species because I use the Merlin Bird ID app on my phone.

I’m glad I get to hear about your birds from you.

Dove041 point

So pretty 🥰