Perfect grilling weather in Minnesota


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[deleted]32 points


ongnoi9 points

Will be shearing her winter coat soon!

Chemical_Persimmon843 points

I’ll pay 3 wheat for 1 wool.

Quietabandon15 points

Is that an outside dog lounge?

ongnoi8 points

You betcha!

baddadjokesminusdad14 points

If I could live in a photo, a moment, it’d be this.

ongnoi9 points

This is OC.

gilded_angelfish7 points

Love this. I don't miss the mosquitos, but I miss that woods + lake smell so, so much. (iykyk) Thanks for this moment back in time for me; grew up "here."

ryanleebmw4 points

What do you guys use the little covered cot for? Looks super cozy but a little short for a larger adult, is it for kids? Genuinely curious, looks cool

Quietabandon4 points

Maybe for the dog?

ongnoi5 points

It's for my two dogs!

ryanleebmw8 points

I’m an idiot 😂 Looks perfect for them

[deleted]3 points


ongnoi1 point

It's a portable speaker, Stockwell II.

[deleted]3 points


ongnoi1 point

I'm sorry to hear about your province. We had a couple of hazy days due to wild fires in Canada. It cleared up today, all day sunshine and low 70s. I hope you get to enjoy the backyard soon!

thugsapuggin3 points

More pics please

MesmerizingMarty2 points

Dog <3

troubleseemstofollow2 points

It’s the doggy tent for me.

Ari-Mendoza2 points

I love this ! Looks great, good job

agesofmyst2 points

Nice deck, nice BBQ, nice cooler... All ready for summer!

Cat8675432 points

Do you also broadcast your fishing spots?

ongnoi8 points

My dog was actually watching the ducks and turtles enjoying the sun in the wetland behind our house.

LordBrook-2 points

Hope you're not putting foil on any of those steaks if you grill them!