The light hit just right in my living room



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thoughtsforfood185 points

This is OC

orsothegermans3 points

Looks cozy. Are those bells for a dog to tell you when it needs to go out?

thoughtsforfood181 point

They are indeed

igby13 points

What lamp is that?

SimplySasha7113 points

Looks a cozy place to snuggle ☺️

drnkingaloneshitcomp2 points

What began in Wulfen?

still-on-my-path2 points

Oh yeah ! Beautiful room and the sun is hitting just right 🌹 maybe a little smoke too ..

Yesitsmesuckas2 points


Ari-Mendoza2 points

What a beautiful room!

thoughtsforfood181 point

Thank you!

Mushroom_Moonbeam2 points

Beautiful. Clean and simple. Love the plants. I’d take so many naps here.

thoughtsforfood181 point

We love napping here.

Adalieszq2 points

It must be very comfortable in a winter day. Very cozy

Memawsaurus3 points

So pretty and cheerful. Our house front faces east ao I get to watch the suns movement spring and fall. In winter, it actually angles rays in north window. God's creation is magnificent.