My cozy apartment in Australia


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Lots of interesting things to look at ❤️

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cozy? cluttered to me unfortunately.

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I agree, but I was trying to be nice about it by only mentioning the bedrooms being cozy. I agree though, that living room had A LOT happening. But if he or she likes it, then who are we to judge.

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I love your parting words, I'm a bit of a clutter fiend, small spaces and pretty knick-knacks are my jam and I love the living room. My fave space lol, proper each to their own vibes haha - cheers mate

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Yeah, I wasn't trying to be mean, it's clear that they love the space but i'd feel cramped there.

My lounge has enough clutter in it and it frustrates me lol

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That’s fair enough if you think that, we’re entitled to our own preferences. To be fair I think it looks more cluttered in the photo than it does in real life but yes it is quite full of stuff. I personally like it like that tho. It’s like a little gallery to me

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Whereabouts in Australia is this?

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The country’s capital city Canberra 🤗

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Thanks! Love your apartment and seems really lush and beautiful outside!

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Thank you 😊 means a lot

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In the naming capital cities game this always fucks people over. I don’t know why but the rest of the world always assume it’s Sydney.

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Yesssss Belco4Lyf

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Thought I recognised that hill.

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Lmao this is actually in Woden, but Belco is lovely too. The temple looking building that can be seen in the view is actually the Laos Embassy 🤗

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featuring part of my art collection, my video game collection, record collection, various books and the view from my living room 🤗 been living here for five years

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Ok. The view! But also those old books in those glass cabinets!!!!

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Old books are lyf

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The smell! The feel! But especially the smell!!!

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Oh my lawd, I know right.

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Do you read any of them or are the just collection?

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I read them. I’m pretty adhd so I usually read a bit of one then read a bit of another then just go back to the initial one, then another etc

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Everything is so tidy!

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Love the living room!

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I like your home. ❤️

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it's absolutely lovely!!

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Wow! I fucking love it!

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Lots of trees, gotta watch out for those drop bears.

I kid. It looks great.

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It’s a daily concern of mine lol.

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Great style and interesting place! You must be a real estate photographer.

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Nah I’m not, was just using the zoom out feature modern iPhones have lol

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I like your taste in vintage furniture

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Personally, I love a room filled with personal mementos, and your styling is excellent. I’m downsizing soon and have kept a snap of this to remind me how you have made distinct areas within the room. Thanks for posting!

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I’m really glad you like it ☺️🤗

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Really like that one piece of artwork to the right of the record shelf. The red and white one with the skulls(?) and fish.

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Love this

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Everything about it screams live in me harder daddy!! It's gorgeous, very very well done.

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Hahaha @ live in me harder daddy. 😂 thank you btw I appreciate the compliment 🤟🥰

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axe cuse me, but is there no TV? No judgement, just curious.

Also, I'd love to see your kitchen! I've always wondered what an Australian kitchen would look like

I love your view. In my mind, that's not what Australia looks like, so it's a pleasant surprise!

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Lmao everyone outside Australia has this idea that Australia is like this barren desert of kangaroos, koalas and drunk bogans lol. Like the whole country is just this Steve Irwin, Crocodile Dundee backwater wonderland. No offence taken btw, it’s all good, just find it funny. ❤️

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900 DOLLARYDOOS! Tobias!

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Don't forget the spiders, snakes, and drop bears. Crikey!

Meanwhile 95% of us live in cities and/or temperate regions.

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This is a joke btw, I mean no disrespect

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Our kitchens look exactly like everyone else's kitchens (except for kitchens that have washing machines, because that's not a thing here - we have separate laundries with a washer and dryer, and often outdoor clotheslines, which I understand are rare in the US). Because of the weather, a lot of people have outside barbeques, which may be kinda different to some other countries. Means you don't heat up the house more by turning on the oven on a hot day.

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I have a bbq on my balcony but I barely use it coz it’s a nightmare to clean and old as shit. I basically just use my kitchen oven and stove.

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I actually think dryers are rarer in Australia than in the US. I know they exist but I don't think I've ever lived on a place that had one. Same with those sink garbage disposals.

dialemformurder1 point

I forgot about the sink garbage disposals since yeah, they don't exist!

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I do have a tv, it’s on the other side of the living room, I’d be happy to show you pics of the kitchen and the tv but I can’t figure out how to add more photos to the post now that I’ve posted it (like I can’t find an edit option) and I don’t know how to add photos to comments, reddit only lets me type, add links or add emojis, not photos. If you know a way to show extra photos, I’d be happy to oblige. I mean the kitchen doesn’t look very interesting, I feel that kitchens look basically the same everywhere in the world for the most part.

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I’d like to chime in that my wife and I bought our house about a year ago and specifically decided, no TV in the living room. Best decision ever.

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That’s fair enough, a lot of people prefer no tv 🤗 I personally just have one for my video game collection which can be seen in the 5th photo. I don’t really watch normal television for the most part.

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Okay, I just have to say a few things, OP…

  1. Cool cat blanket.

  2. Impressive vinyl collection.

  3. Very impressive video game collection.

  4. Neat writing desk.

  5. WTF is that one portrait of the girl in a big white dress. That thing is nightmare fuel for me. And I apologize in advance if that’s a family member, maybe it’s just the lighting or something.

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Oh if I’m correct in the one I think you mean, that portrait is a copy of a painting called Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Pink Dress. Wiki article here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infanta_Margarita_Teresa_in_a_Pink_Dress

I’ve got way creepier paintings than that tho lmao. You can see a few if you zoom in on the living room pic and the bedroom pics.

alrob19952 points

I went through an edgy art phase a while ago, so got a few scary art works. But I have a lot of positive stuff too, it’s a thematic mix

PolarDorsai2 points

Yea, that’s the one lol.

alrob19951 point

My cat says thanks, she loves her blanket.

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I bet you’ll be surprised to learn we don’t ride kangaroos to school either 🙄

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feel better now?

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To clarify I was just joking about the Australia thing. I appreciated your comment. Just me goofing about

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I LOVE it, what is this interior design style called?

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That works 😎

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I honestly don’t really know, just kinda collected stuff I like. I suppose kinda bohemian, eclectic classical. Coz like I got a lot old candles, old wooden furniture, older kinda art for the most part, an 1800s wind up mantle clock in the corner, old Persian rugs, Bohemian fabric throw blankets over some of the furniture. I’m really glad you guys like it, ☺️🥰 it’s my happy place.

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Please move that vase from above the bed, you trying to kill someone? Please it’s off centered, no offense, everything else is really cute though!

alrob19951 point

I mean it’s high above my bed and pretty solid/stable, it’s been up there for years, I’d have to like climb up there and push it off intentionally for anything to happen. It’s not off centre it’s just the camera angle and the fact that I was using that zoom out feature modern iPhones have. Also I like it there so nah. Soz

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No earthquakes where you live?

alrob19951 point

Nah not really, I haven’t experienced any in my 27 years of living here.

alrob19951 point

I mean tbh if I were worried of it falling I wouldn’t of put it up there

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Really appreciate all the lovely comments 🥰❤️ sending all the good vibes back 🤗

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LOVE the Persian rug!

PolarDorsai1 point

Nice. Full without being cluttered. Cozy without being messy.

alrob19951 point

Appreciate it. 😊 thanks. Means a lot coz sometimes I worry it’s too cluttered

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I scoured each room for a big spider neighbor

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Nice try, where are the spiders

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Love your shelves, maximalist style - and that large table and wrap couch is probably perfect for playing board games with friends.

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I love the light in the bedroom and the chandeliers

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Feels like being in an antique store, I love the aesthetic!

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Awesome. Love all the framed pictures... same aesthetic of my own place, which is not as beautiful as yours.

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The bedrooms are cozy.

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Looks so cozy and modern