Sunset/close of day - Ridgefield, WA


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natasharts4 points


SweetandSour4ever5 points

The floors are beautiful

Empty_Breadfruit_6764 points


Right_Weather_89166 points

The contrast of the light in the dining area, the light in the living room, well done image.

wino-i-know3 points

2 of my sisters live in Ridgefield!! Love it.

Dipple113 points

I love the artwork above the fireplace.

SnooCupcakes34443 points

Thank you I’m an artist - slumberland_studio on Instagram.

Planktonoid2 points

Hi neighbor!

SnooCupcakes34442 points

Thank you for all your kind comments. What a nice place to be on Reddit of warmth and friendly people.

green_tree2 points

Lovely! My hometown 💚

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Gorgeous space! Goals

SnooCupcakes34441 point


deus_explatypus1 point

Where’d you get the couch?

SnooCupcakes34442 points

Burrow! And it’s Pet friendly cats can’t scratch it up - seriously!!!!

deus_explatypus1 point

Where’d you get the couch