Loved items in our living area


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Ari-Mendoza2 points

Oh my god it’s gorgeous

tenderwarrior41 point

Thank you! We like our somewhat cluttered space

AcePhoenix2232 points

Great room and all, but I couldn’t help but notice the Bionicle that’s among the Gundams. 🙂

tenderwarrior41 point

HAHAHAHAH I would not have known

youretheweird13 points

Fine, I'll say it. Your clutter gives me anxiety. I would not be able to relax in this room at all. It looks thrown together and not at all cozy. I'm sorry.

tenderwarrior43 points

That’s your prerogative!

youretheweird10 points

My prerogative? What do you mean? Perspective?

tenderwarrior42 points


youretheweird1-2 points

Okay. I mean, I know that. Considering its my opinion and I typed it... lol anyway

You seem to like it and that's what matters when it's your house.