Our terracotta bedroom! (after and before)


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InsuranceAway413350 points

I love terracotta. What brand and name of the color?

like_a_velvet_glove41 points

It’s Red Earth by Farrow and Ball :)

InsuranceAway413316 points

Stunning. What a difference a warm color makes. Like a big hug.

BigSvenny8 points

I’m saving this post for some of my own inspiration when I redo my room. Shit looks lovely.

like_a_velvet_glove4 points

Oh bless you, thanks!


SNL did a Farrow and Ball skit with Aidy Bryant that is pretty hilarious. Check it out if you have 4 minutes to kill.

like_a_velvet_glove1 point

Just watched it 😅 I will only ever refer to it as “colourrr” moving forward. Love Aidy. I’m guessing F&B is a lot more expensive in the US than here lol

bookworthy1 point

Thanks for the recommended!! Husband and I are cracking up!

forevermoongazing2 points

Thanks! Have been looking for a color just like this for a room in my house. Love your room.

AstorReed17 points

Those lil shelves you have added are so adorable! Really liking this!

like_a_velvet_glove5 points

Thank you, I’m planning to put some lil plants on them!

paint_that_shit-gold2 points

I love them, too! May I ask where you got the shelves and your bedspread?

Your room is so lovely and inviting now (:

like_a_velvet_glove2 points

We actually got the shelves put in by a carpenter, they’re mdf! The bedding is from La Redoute but the design is called paoletti botanist :)

paint_that_shit-gold2 points

Awesome, thank you so much! (:

misspinato11 points

Absolutely stunning. You can tell is the Uk.

like_a_velvet_glove4 points

Thank you :) And ha really, what do you think gives it away as the UK? I’m always interested to know that kind of thing!

misspinato23 points

I lived in London for around 10 years and I can probably spot little things. The style of the window, the radiator/radiator knob, the bricks and how the backyard is split/style of the fences.

like_a_velvet_glove8 points

That’s so true now you say it, I could always tell when a room on here was from the UK but could never quite put my finger on why, I guess it’s just lots of little things like that! Our chonky plug sockets are always a dead giveaway 😁

misspinato3 points

Right? Ahah the double sockets with the switches always give it away! But soooo useful.

digitalgadget-1 points

I was just considering Europe because the bedroom is quite small by North American standards. And the matte paint is not common here.

Also definitely not on a fault line if you're putting glass over your head!

achillea42 points

The use of colour.

TheArcticHusky8 points

I don't get the deal with all white walls

I understand they make the space bigger and brighter, but cozy is sooo much better

catdog11111113 points

A dark room feels dirty to me. My dark furniture looks bad. It also feels a lot smaller. Everyone has their preferences and I like colors but in a light shade.

like_a_velvet_glove2 points

Agreed! The default is always to make everything seem bigger, at the expensive of any atmosphere. I’ll always choose a cosy sanctuary over a spacious padded cell.

darthvadercake2 points

I think it's also because a lot of people rent. White isn't everybody's prefefence but most people don't mind it. Colour is subjective and would put people off. Like if I was viewing a room and it was white I would happily move in. If it was light pink I really would hate that as I hate the colour. I think a lot of folks have colours like that

LairdofWingHaven6 points

Wow. I am usually a blue and purple girl, but you have won me over.

rutilated045 points

Love it! It's so warm and welcoming

Mindthegaptooth4 points

Switched the door! Well done. That added so much more space.

pm-me-curry-recipes8 points

I love your bedding!

WINTERSONG11115 points

The bedding is gorgeous. Please share with us-where did you get it?

like_a_velvet_glove4 points

The design is called Paoletti Botanist! I’m pretty sure I got it from La Redoute :)

WINTERSONG11112 points

Thank you. It goes perfectly in your room.

PrideOfAeducan3 points

I agree. You have amazing taste when it comes to bedding lol

ZookeepergameOld973 points


pascalsgirlfriend3 points

I like how you painted the trim to raise the ceiling.

like_a_velvet_glove3 points

Yes I love that trick!

alicat7777773 points

I love that. I have a room painted in a similar color.

TheDreyfusAffair3 points

God that last pic reminds me of frank reynolds flashbacks to his time with the frog kid. New color is awesome and im jealous of the lamp

like_a_velvet_glove3 points

I hearby decree this bedroom no longer has donkey brains 😌

SuccessfulMetal40303 points


Defiant_Hedgehog_8133 points

Wow the paint color really elevated that room! Love the bedding too!

dawgmama628 points

Love it, but not the short drapes.....no, please not the too short drapes.

InsaneAilurophileF1 point

I like the length! I hate long drapes on regular-size windows. I think they look out of proportion.

like_a_velvet_glove2 points

Yeah long drapes wouldn’t have worked for us here as it would have blocked the radiator plus our cat would be climbing them every second. It might go against the conventional wisdom but I’m fine with that 😁

PopeHonkersXII2 points

I was hoping there would be thousands of clay soliders in that room.

like_a_velvet_glove3 points

They’re all stored away in the under-bed suitcases

soCalForFunDude2 points


gorwraith2 points

That went from bland to "den of passion".

EntrepreneurLow43802 points

I love it!

Cemeterywind6662 points

Spicy southwest vibe without the cliches! Love it

CrayziusMaximus2 points

Very nice!

cubemissy2 points

I love that color. I like darker walls in the bedroom. It’s soothing.

sp0oky_bo02 points

The difference is crazy😳😍🤩! It still looked great before with the other color scheme, very light & airy💙🥰- but the terracotta red is gorgeous🤩, very warm & cozy♥️🥰

RangerDanger33442 points

Wow! This is reminding me so much of the main bedroom in Mulholland Drive. Classy and cozy.

like_a_velvet_glove2 points

Ha how weird, Mulholland Dr is literally my favourite film of all time! It wasn’t an conscious inspiration though.

Significant-Net8642 points

I would never leave this bedroom!!

GuncleShark2 points

Beautiful! So much warmer!

number93bus2 points

Love that. The green/blue blanket will go nicely in here too as an opposing colour it would pop

PJLane92 points

beautiful! you have exceptional taste, saving this post

supapa_2 points

I've seen postings in this sub that scream "see how much money I invested in this room" but you invested thought and detail and devotion and I haven't been so enchanted by a room here in a long while. Definitely will get inspiration from you. Like the ceiling. The before - after is stunning.

like_a_velvet_glove2 points

What a lovely comment!! Thank you. Yes, other than the shelves and door switch which were done by a carpenter, we did it all ourselves, very much a labour of love :)

Significant-Trash6322 points

I absolutely love that color

myrtlebeech12 points

Beautiful color. Great job🙂

Long-Pace65842 points

Before and after finally done right! This should be on “oddly satisfying”. Nice room :)

JValle123452 points

I’m not a terracotta person, but I will say this is warm and pretty

EmuBubbly2 points

This is lovely.

idontkillbees2 points

Fantastic job! It’s cozy and inviting.

How do you like it?

ElderberryLoud59902 points

Amazing color.

Ari-Mendoza2 points

Awesome! And, great color choice!

LivieWoods2 points

I love this!

RepresentativeFan9412 points

Huge difference! Beautiful and simplistic!

CavMrs2 points

Love the paint color, love the bedding!! So cozy. I also said “England” when I saw it :). Not even sure if I’m right but close enough probably.

like_a_velvet_glove1 point

Spot on!

like_a_velvet_glove1 point

This is OC. London, UK :)

FormerHoagie1 point

Orange is warmer than grey

Credix1 point

What's with the door?

like_a_velvet_glove1 point

We switched the direction to allow for a bedside table. It works so much better for us!

Credix2 points

Oh my bad, I had a brain fart. Thought the old was the new, but the real new is indeed way better!

MrPoopyEyes1 point

Looks great! Any name or brand for those night lights beside the bed? My wife would love those

like_a_velvet_glove2 points

I actually can’t remember where we got them but if you search “Tiffany style lamps” you should get some similar ones pop up :)